Clicker Sentences

Understanding sentences and how they work is an essential component of early literacy.

If you are working with emergent writers, English language learners, or older children struggling to acquire basic literacy skills, Clicker Sentences will enable them to produce work they can be proud of while learning the key skills necessary for independent writing.

Build sentences the Clicker way

Clicker Sentences enables you to quickly create sentence building activities on any topic, modified specifically to support each student’s individual needs. Each sentence grid contains all the words required to build a sentence. Students tap each word to create the sentence in their document and then swipe to move on to the next sentence in the set, quickly building a significant piece of writing.

Encourage self-assessment with realistic speech feedback

Students benefit from realistic speech support as they work, encouraging them to re-read their sentences and check that they make sense. Children can use the Sound Shift tool to listen to any of the words before they send them into the document, providing an opportunity to rehearse the sentence before writing it.

Provide additional support with model sentences

It’s so easy to differentiate the support offered in each sentence building activity, enabling every student to achieve writing success. As a first step, display the completed sentence as a model on the grid to copy.  As students progress, add the model in the form of a pop-up – children can see the sentence but must close the pop-up before they can continue. With an auditory model, children are required to listen carefully before writing.  You can even create a guided-order activity, perfect for reinforcing left-to-right directionality.

Personalize and motivate with pictures

Adding a picture to each sentence provides learners with an additional cue. Choose pictures from your photo library, or snap them straight into the grid with your iPad camera. The pictures can even be sent into the document too!

Activity making made easy!

Set up any sequence of sentences for your learners in a few seconds by simply typing or pasting them in. The intuitive Edit Mode makes modifying the activities to your specific requirements incredibly simple.


Three reasons why Clicker Sentences will be a perfect fit for your classroom

Designed with the classroom in mind

As with all of our products, we have put our many years of experience in the classroom and education software development to good use when designing Clicker Sentences! Features like the integrated Sassoon font and lower case keyboard create a child-friendly, engaging environment for pupils to work in. Children’s work can be sent to any AirPrint compatible printer or emailed.

Hundreds of free resources at your fingertips

A professionally made, ever expanding bank of learning resources is just a tap away with Clicker Sentences. Select ‘LearningGrids’ to access a wide range of topic-specific Sentence Sets created by our curriculum team – new resources are added every two weeks!

Clicker 6 compatible

We understand that teachers and pupils will not always have access to their iPads, so we have ensured that Clicker Sentences and Clicker 6 are able to ‘talk’ to each other. This gives you the flexibility to create activities within Clicker 6 and then export them to your iPads, or open your pupils' Clicker Sentences work in Clicker 6.