Pricing and licensing

You will need a license for each computer on which you wish to install DocsPlus. You will not be able to activate this software on more than the number of computers you have licenses for, so please ensure that you select the correct license type to meet your needs.

DocsPlus for Windows & Mac is a perpetual license – you pay just once, not every year!

The best value is the OneSchool Flexi-License which enables you to install DocsPlus on any of your school computers, plus the home computers of your students, teachers, and teaching assistants. We also have a special home user price if you are a parent buying for your child.

Prices are in $US and exclude shipping & handling costs and sales tax (6.35% for Connecticut residents and 8.9% for Washington State residents only). OneSchool licenses cannot be shared between schools.

For £UK prices, visit our UK site.  This version is for Windows and Mac - the Chromebook version is available separately.

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