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  • Winter and Christmas

    It’s that time of year again when many of us are thinking about Christmas, and the cold weather has truly settled in. Head to LearningGrids, where you’ll find lots of ideas to keep your students busy reading, writing, and talking about festive activities! 

    Check out our Getting Ready for Christmas sets. The book focuses on a group of children and their preparations for Christmas, like wrapping presents, mailing Christmas cards, and putting up decorations. The engaging pictures and simple text will help to get your students thinking and talking about their own experiences and preparations for Christmas too. They can listen to the story – and even record their own version or write their own Christmas book. Other resources linked to the story offer lots of opportunities for children to practice and develop their language skills.


    Some of your more independent writers might enjoy using our supportive Christmas word banks. We’ve got a topic tabbed word bank for those students who need a little more guidance and an alphabetic word bank for more confident writers. Both resources are great for encouraging students to use a wider and more interesting vocabulary – and, of course, you can add your own words too.

    If you’re working with older students, you might be interested in the WriteOnline word bank sets based on Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. After all, you’re never too old for Christmas!

    If the chilly weather is your focus, get your students to read and write about winter and the associated weather, traditions, and changes associated with this time of year. We have a brand new, beautifully-illustrated range of resources all about this season. For older students, there are winter-themed word banks to support their extended and descriptive writing.


    We hope you and your students enjoy what’s left of this busy semester, and have a wonderful holiday (and well-deserved rest). We will be busy planning some great new content for LearningGrids in the New Year – as usual, keep your eye on the website to see what’s new. Best wishes from us all in the Curriculum Team and at Crick.

  • The Presidential Election

    With the presidential election fast approaching, it is a perfect time to use Clicker and WriteOnline resources to help your students explore the election. Students can use the word banks such as Elections A – Z in WriteOnline or Becoming the President in Clicker to write about the election process and issues that are important to them.


    You can also use Clicker’s fast and easy tools to create your own resources. Create a Talk Set that allows students to practice their presentation skills in order to discuss presidential candidates or candidates in a local election.


    Or use Clicker Board or WriteOnline’s WorkSpace to stimulate discussions about the candidates and the election process.


    Be sure to visit LearningGrids for many more ideas on how to support your learners.

  • Olympics

    With an exciting summer of sports coming up, we have some fantastic resources on LearningGrids – so celebrate the occasion and get your students reading, writing, and learning with our engaging sports-themed activities.

    Whether your focus is on the Olympic Games or on learning about the host country of Brazil, you will find some great activities – whatever the age or ability of your students – right across our range of software tools (including Clicker, WriteOnline, and the Clicker Apps) to engage and motivate them in learning through these topics.

    Students can read, write, and talk about the geography, people, and culture of the fascinating country which plays host to the Summer Games this year. There are also activities which support learning about the Olympics themselves – from reading to writing – with topic word banks to support more confident writers, and even a writing frame to support the construction of a track and field report. Keep your eye out for more Olympics sets coming soon – with a focus on the origin of the Games in ancient Greece.

    Don’t forget our soccer-based resources too. From counting activities for younger students, to writing about a soccer game using word banks or a game report writing frame – great for encouraging independent writers to use wider, topic-specific vocabulary! Students can even design their own soccer shirt and talk about their design!

    There are Wordbars about Brazil and the Olympics to support older students in their written work on these topics too. To find all of these, and many more resources to support this and other topic work this summer, simply search on LearningGrids.

  • Using our Apps in Exams

    Did you know that lots of schools are using our apps to support children who need special access arrangements in exams? At Rossett School in Harrogate, England, the WriteOnline App is being used as an electronic scribe by a number of students:

    “We have around 15 students across the grades using WriteOnline at the moment, including four of our 10th graders, who will be using the app in some of their upcoming examinations...we confirmed that the WriteOnline App met the scribe criteria.

    Their recent practice exams were a real success; one particular student got a ‘C’ on one of his practice exams, which we’re really pleased with as it would simply not have been possible without the help of WriteOnline. If he had handwritten it, the examiner would have struggled to recognize anything, and he certainly wouldn’t have done as well with a human scribe – he’s really good at typing and likes to work independently so the app really plays to his strengths.

    WriteOnline is also a very inclusive option in terms of supporting the students on a day-to-day basis in the classroom. Without it, a lot of these students would need a teacher or an aide to help them write, and this can make them feel singled out from their peers. The support the iPad offers is more subtle, and in general the other students are very accepting of it.

    WriteOnline is our access method of choice for struggling writers, without a doubt.” 

    Click here to read the success story in full.

  • ATIA 2016 is taking place from February 3rd – 6th at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, and TCEA is taking place from February 3rd – 5th at the Austin Convention Center in Texas, and we can’t wait to show you Clicker 7, the brand new version of our much-loved software!

    We will also be showcasing WriteOnline and our range of iPad® apps, including the newest addition, our AAC app – Clicker Communicator.

    Clicker Communicator and our assistive keyboard, SuperKeys, were shortlisted for the Bett Awards 2016 in the ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions category. We are excited to announce that SuperKeys won the award last night!

    If you aren’t able to make it this year we’d be happy to send you a copy of our new 2016 catalog, which contains the most up-to-date information on our entire range of products, including pricing for Clicker 7 and WriteOnline. To arrange for a catalog to be sent out to you please call us at 203 221 2607 or email your request to

  • Funding Options for the New Year

    School is back in full swing and that means a new year, new friends, and new materials to assist learning. We have several pages on our website that can help you with funding.

    Funding Home Page: This page gives an overview of what you need to know to start your funding research.

    Guidelines:  Learn the process of a grant application and tips on how to fill out all the sections completely. You can even access tips to increase your chances of writing a successful application here.

    Federal Funding Sources: Use this page to learn the difference between competitive and noncompetitive funding sources. This page also suggests which products of ours fit the funding program’s focus so that you can tailor your application accordingly.

    Product Information: This section provides you with information about Clicker 6 and WriteOnline. From here, information sheets may be printed or downloaded to submit with your funding application. These reference sheets contain information on pricing, licensing, research and success stories.

    Price List: If you are applying for a competitive grant you will need to provide a sample budget. This page has the pricing and licensing information for our products so that your proposed budget can be as accurate as possible.

    The Apple Volume Purchase Program: Here is another great way to save! The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) was designed for schools and allows you to receive a 50% discount when purchasing 20 or more of the same app. This is a great way to purchase for an entire classroom or school!

    Clicker Apps Bundle:  There is a way to save on less than 20 apps too.  It is called the Clicker App bundle and it allows you to purchase all four Clicker apps together for one price. This is equivalent to purchasing three of the apps and getting the fourth free.

    If you need more information about our products or our company for your funding application, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What's in the Support Section?

    In addition to providing solutions to common problems, our Support section hosts a wealth of helpful information about our products and how to use them.

    All of our products come with comprehensive User Guides. These can be accessed from within the product itself for quick reference, but are also available to download as PDF files in our Support section. They can be printed out or viewed on a separate device. This offers the benefit of being able to view the guide side-by-side with the product, which is particularly useful when following a guide from start to finish.

    The Support pages for Clicker Sentences, Clicker Docs, and Clicker Communicator also contain a newly-written guide, which explains how to set up your iPad’s Switch Control feature to enable controlling these Clicker Apps with switches.

    We have also produced a series of short How Do I? videos which demonstrate how to perform specific tasks in various products. Ever wondered if you could paint on top of a webcam photo in Clicker 6, or include multiple words in one cell in Clicker Docs? Check the Support section to learn how!

    Lastly, the latest versions of our current Windows PC/Mac products can be downloaded from the Support section. This ensures that you can always install a product, even if your disc becomes lost or your computer has no disc drive.

  • Support Site Updates

    If you experience an issue with one of our products or have a question to ask, you can contact our Support team by phone or email. Typically, we respond to emails within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

    However, before contacting us, it is always worth checking the Support section of our website first. It contains a wide range of articles that provide solutions to issues, information about procedures, and answers to various questions. There’s a good chance that you can find what you’re looking for immediately!

    The Support team periodically reviews the content of the Support section to ensure that it remains an up-to-date source of information. Recently, many articles have been rewritten to improve their clarity, and multiple new articles have been created:

    Clicker 6

    C6WH12 - You do not have enough licenses to activate this software

    C6WH13 - I have lost my serial number

    C6WH16 - The Clicker 6 Templates are Missing

    C6WH21 - Clicker 6 has detected that there is a problem with SAPI5

    C6WH24 - Internal exception occurred

    C6WH25 - How do I transfer licenses?

    C6WH26 - This Clicker Set may be corrupted

    C6MH5 - How to install Java on Mac OS X


    WOLWE1 - Cannot launch WriteOnline: Web Edition

    WOLWH3 - How do I register Teachers on our LearningGrids site?

    WOLWH4 - How do I register Students on our LearningGrids site?

    WOLWH10 - How do I transfer licenses?

    WOLWH11 - How do I register WriteOnline?

    WOLM2 - How to install Java on Mac OS X

  • WriteOnline and WriteOnline App

    If you're looking to support older students with their writing - across a range of curriculum areas – don’t forget to explore our WriteOnline and WriteOnline App resources on LearningGrids

    Our latest group of sets includes a number of science and geography Wordbars. Students can write about the Water Cycle with key vocabulary to understand evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and accumulation. Glaciers A – Z supports writing about glacial processes and landforms. If students are learning about other countries, Wordbars such as Geography of Japan help them to write about the physical and human geography of the country. 


    We recently published our 100th WriteOnline App set, and there are almost 300 sets for the desktop version of WriteOnline already on LearningGrids. Did you know that any WriteOnline set can be converted into a WriteOnline App set? If you have a WriteOnline set that you want to use in the app, all you have to do is open the set in WriteOnline and choose “Export Wordbar for App” from the Wordbar menu. You can export the set to a shared folder such as Dropbox and then open it directly on the iPad  - use it as is or personalize the set for individual students. It is quick and easy.


    Any WriteOnline App set can also be used on the desktop version of WriteOnline. Just save an App set on your computer – WriteOnline App sets can be saved in shared folders such as Dropbox or they can be sent as email attachments. This way students will benefit from WriteOnline’s writing supports when they are working on an iPad or on a computer.

    Be sure to check out LearningGrids for all of the WriteOnline and WriteOnline App sets. Use the search tool or category folders to find what you're looking for, and remember - we regularly add to our free published resources, so keep checking back for more!

  • Black History Month

    February is Black History Month and we have many resources on LearningGrids to help your students write about important people and events in the history of African Americans. There are a wide range of word banks such as Civil Rights Movement A – Z and Barack Obama A – Z for WriteOnline, African American History 1870-1970 for the WriteOnline App, and Harriet Tubman A – Z and Martin Luther King Words for Clicker and Clicker Docs

    The Martin Luther King Clicker Connect set helps students write about the famous civil rights leader, but provides additional support. Using the Connect grids, students choose from a selection of words and phrases to create the sentences and build up their writing about the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Students can also use other Clicker features or resources from LearningGrids to present their knowledge and understanding of topics related to African American history.  Clicker’s Click & Edit tool and the Clicker Books app enable students to independently create their own books and presentations with the information and resources they have gathered. Presentations can incorporate images, including their own photographs or drawings.

    The set Ask & Answer makes use of Clicker’s integrated sound recorder so that students can present their information orally.  The speaking template allows students and teachers to create question and answer activities for any topic. After completing research on a famous person or event, get a student to record questions about the topic for another student, or group of students, to answer. This resource can also be used as a planning tool for a writing activity.

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