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  • Twilight Seminars

    The team just finished hosting their first round of twilight seminars in the northeast. These seminars gave us a chance to connect with new and existing customers in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. The Connecticut seminars concentrated on the Clicker Apps for Chromebook, while the Massachusetts and New York seminars focused on Clicker 7.

    The Clicker Apps for Chromebook seminar in Cromwell, Connecticut had over 20 attendees including teachers, SLPs, and support professionals from the surrounding areas. Many were extremely impressed with the ability to create activities and share them to other platforms; this was mentioned to be a great way for teachers to save time. One attendee said, “It’s incredible that we can create Sentence Sets in Clicker 7 and then share them to Clicker Sentences on the iPad or Chromebook!”


    If you would like to attend a seminar, all future events will be posted here on our website.

  • Last month we ran our Twilight Seminars. These free events gave schools the opportunity to come and see Clicker 6 and our Clicker Apps in action!

    We had five twilight seminars spread over four states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania. We had attendees from 42 schools. Some are already using Clicker, and some wanted to learn more about Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps.

    Here are some first-hand quotes from our attendees:

    “It just goes through the text and organizes it… Wow!”

    -    An attendee talking about the A-Z Word Bank Wizard in Clicker 6

    “It’s really simple!”

    -    An attendee referencing the Topic Word Bank Wizard in Clicker 6

    “Love how you can edit the LearningGrids resources.”

    -    An attendee mentioning our free resource library -

    “Excellent – those will be very helpful!”

    -    An attendee talking about our Clicker 6 90-Second Training videos and PDF hand-outs that we provide completely free on our website

    “That is smart.”

    -    An attendee referencing the Swipe Grids (on/off) function within the Clicker Apps

    If you missed us at our Seminars, please visit the Free Webinar section of our web page to attend one of our many informational webinars to learn more about Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps.                           

  • Crick Software in New Hampshire

    We recently held a Clicker 6 Breakfast Seminar in Concord, NH at one of our Crick Preview Centers, ATECH Services. This free event drew attendees from the Vermont and New Hampshire area who were already using Clicker, as well as those who wanted to learn more about Clicker 6.

    Many of the people who attended wanted to see how Clicker could support a small group of their students, but left with ideas on how to use Clicker with all of the students in their school.  

    The Clicker wizards were a huge hit. Attendees were impressed with how much time they could save, and appreciated the built-in features that allowed them to easily differentiate the activity for their learners of all ability levels.

    If you missed us at ATECH Services, please visit us at the Christa McAuliffe Conference in Manchester, NH from November 27-29.