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    Many of you have had a chance to use our most recent Powered by Clicker 6 Resource – Clicker Foundations for Reading – which we launched this past spring. As I talked about last month, Clicker Foundations is a fantastic resource for emergent readers, developing their understanding of print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, and word recognition.

    As with other Powered by Clicker 6 resources, Clicker Foundations for Reading comes with comprehensive teaching notes. These are designed to guide you through the learning objectives and suggest how to introduce the activities, as well as providing extension ideas for further work. The notes can be found in the Teacher Information sections of the resource (and can also be accessed as a PDF from the CD).

    Many of the extension ideas outlined in the teaching notes suggest the use of pictures and words or phrases that the children have met in the activities. To help make it easy to find and print these, we’ve added them to special Resources for Printing menus (found within the Teacher Information sections). To print, simply click the Print icon on the screen and choose your print options. Of course, you can also print out any of the activities as they appear onscreen – as a record of the completed work or for paper-based activities away from the computer.


    Be sure to check out our Clicker Foundations for Reading web page if you want to find out more about this fantastic series. And don’t forget, you can also print out any of our Clicker 6 LearningGrids sets to make games or activities away from the computer or as a record of achievement.

  • Have you had a chance yet to see the latest Powered by Clicker 6 resource? Clicker Foundations for Reading was launched this spring and it is a fantastic resource for your emergent readers. The series is an engaging and effective way for children to acquire the skills necessary to provide the groundwork for reading.

    Clicker Foundations is made up of three CDs – Noisy Bears, Rhyme Time, and Alphabet Animals. All of the CDs support the Common Core Reading Standards Foundation Skills by building children’s understanding of print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, and word recognition. The series also provides lots of ways for the children to express themselves creatively.

    Noisy Bears focuses on sound discrimination. Children meet six bears and learn about all the sounds the bears make in different locations. Through a variety of fun activities, students carefully develop their listening skills by identifying individual sounds and sequences of sounds.

    Rhyme Time encourages children to recognize and play with rhyming words. They find matching rhyming pairs, create rhyming poems, and use Clicker 6’s sound recorder to explore patterns and record their own rhyming strings. The Rhyme Book and other activities use Clicker’s speech feedback with text-highlighting to reinforce the connection between the rhymes and the written words.

    Alphabet Animals introduces students to 26 colorful animals that all are unique characters. With a focus on alliteration and early phonics, children learn about the animals’ personalities, skills, preferences, and possessions. The CD increases children’s awareness of sounds, letters, and words through listening, reading, speaking, and writing activities.

    Clicker Foundations for Reading’s interactive activities are great for individuals, groups, and the whole class. They allow children to engage with sounds and language in a fun and motivating way. Find out more about the new series by visiting the Crick Software website.