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  • Word Banks are a great way to provide vocabulary support to learners. Sitting beneath the Document, they provide inspiration and can guide a learner’s writing on a particular topic.

    Word Banks are one of several Clicker Set types in Clicker 7:


    Did you know you can set up Word Banks within a Clicker Book?

    Each page of a Clicker Book can contain a Title Box and a Text Box. You can configure these objects to display a Word Bank when learners write inside them:

    1. Create or open a Clicker Book.
    2. Click Edit in the top-left corner.
    3. In the blue toolbar, click the icon on the right and choose Object Settings.

    On the Title Box or Text Box tab:

    1. Type a name for your topic into the top-left box and click Add.
    2. Type any words you want to include into the Words box, or copy and paste text from elsewhere.
    3. Type any punctuation marks you want to include into the Punctuation box.
    4. Click the Order box to choose how your words will be sorted.
    5. Click the color box to choose the background color of the grid.
    6. To show the Word Bank first when a learner starts writing (rather than the on-screen keyboard), check Show Word Bank immediately.
    7. Click Close to finish.

    To set up a Word Bank on multiple pages at once:

    • Click Edit in the top-left corner.
    • In the blue toolbar, click the icon on the left to view the Page Sorter.
    • Hold down the Ctrl key and select each page you wish to include. To include any future pages that may be created, select the final blue + page.
    • Click Object Settings at the top and follow Step 4 above.

    Did you know you can generate Word Banks from a Clicker Board?

    A Clicker Board is an effective planning tool that provides a canvas for noting ideas. Individually or as a group, learners can add words, pictures, and sound recordings to a board, and link them together to form mind maps or storyboards.

    When a learner is ready to start writing, they can easily convert their ideas into a Word Bank by right-clicking any blank space on the Clicker Board and choosing Create Word Bank.

  • Clicker Books

    On LearningGrids, we have published Clicker Books that cover a variety of curriculum areas for a wide age range. There are Clicker Books for older students to cover topics such as animal life cycles, coastal landforms, the Olympics, and the water cycle. 

    And we have also created lots of Clicker Books for younger readers – books that explore materials, the weather, the five senses, and colors, just to name a few.

    In addition to providing you with content to use in your classroom, we also try to publish resources on LearningGrids that demonstrate different ways that you can use Clicker Books.  As seen in the examples above, Clicker reading books can be designed with different layouts to match the needs of your students and to best fit the content.

    There are also many ways to design activities for students to make their own books using Clicker Books. Word banks to support their writing can range from a single tab which includes all of the words or phrases needed to write sentences to multiple tabs providing only the key vocabulary.

    Some of the Make a Book activities on LearningGrids include text already in place, allowing students to add illustrations or photos to match the text in order to demonstrate their understanding of important concepts. Other Clicker Books have been designed as speaking activities without any text. Students record information about the pictures that are showcased in the book. These resources can be used as pre-writing activities or as part of presentations on a topic.

    Be sure to visit LearningGrids to access almost 200 Clicker Books – with more resources added every month!

  • Clicker Books

    Recently, I was able to spend time with a student and his teacher as they brainstormed ideas for a writing project using Clicker Books. The book was produced by a 1st grade student who had been studying the concept of riddles in class, specifically around the theme of Halloween. The teacher’s idea was to create a supported template containing Word Grids to provide vocabulary support for both the Title Box (for the question) and Text Box (for the answer) sections of each page, as well as a Picture Bank of images selected by the student.

    Here’s how it works:

    When the ‘Halloween Riddles’ book is opened, the student is presented with the standard building blocks at the left of the screen – Title Box, Picture Box, Text Box, and Sound Button.

    When the Title Box or Text Box is selected, the student is presented with a selection of Word Grids to choose from, instead of the default keyboard view. This approach gives a much higher level of support and guidance to the writing task.   Comprehension is measured by correct re-ordering of the words in a riddle question, selection of the appropriate picture, and finally selection and re-ordering of the correct answer.

    When the Picture Box icon is tapped, the student is only offered a Picture Bank (browsing the camera roll, use of the camera, and the painting tool have all been disabled) – the pictures offered are the ones chosen during the preparation stage.

    When complete, the teacher was able to ‘lock’ the book (to prevent accidental editing) and have the student share it with the rest of his class.

  • Clicker Books Review

    Clicker Books has just been reviewed by the Educational App Store.  Along with Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs, it has received a five star review.  Very few apps receive five stars, so we are very excited to see this!

    “This is an app that teachers will love to teach with and pupils will love learning from. It can also be used in the home with the help of parents.  Right from the start, the app is very easy and intuitive to use as there are a series of examples and “how to” tools that help with a quick learning of the navigation and usage of the app.”

    Visit the Educational App Store to read the review in full.

  • Clicker Books

    Have you had a chance to see our latest app – Clicker Books? It is a great way for you and your students to make onscreen books. It is so easy to use and it includes all of the built-in writing support features that you would expect from Crick Software – speech, word prediction, word grids, and more.

    The curriculum team has been busy building lots of reading, writing, and talking books for LearningGrids. There are resources for you to use with your students to cover a range of topics including animals, colors, and numbersOwl Life Cycle - Read uses new photo-realistic illustrations to create an engaging informational text for older students. Younger students can read more about Rosie the dog with Rosie Likes or write about recess with At the Playground – Write.

    We have also recently added some seasonal Clicker Books sets. All about Fall – Talk is designed for students to record information about events and changes associated with fall. With Thanksgiving Traditions – Read, students find out about a group of children and their activities on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Traditions – Write provides a framework for students to write about their own Thanksgiving activities. With the “Different when rotated” feature in Clicker Books, we make books look great in both landscape and portrait views - your students can use Clicker Books in the way that is most comfortable for them.

    And remember - you can open LearningGrids directly from Clicker Books, making it so easy to access all of the new sets.