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  • Have you had a chance to read our latest Clicker 7 review?

    Louise Bounous is a teacher working for a student and school support service, assisting and advising schools on how best to help children with cognition and learning difficulties.

    Louise took a closer look at Clicker 7 for Nasen Magazine:

    “I have witnessed the Clicker evolution and have seen first-hand the significant impact it has, and continues to have, on learning and teaching. I also believe that I understand the potential it can have, which is why I strongly recommend it to all of the schools that I work with. The only limit to such innovation is your imagination…

    As well as improvements to its existing facilities, Clicker 7 contains a number of completely new features, including, notably, some that specifically support the process of planning for writing. Voice Notes could easily be used to support pupils with poor memory, dispensing with the need for a separate recording device to aid retention. Clicker Board, another new feature, provides a virtual planning space, facilitating note-making, plans and lists, and is fully integrated to allow many possible uses.

    The notion that Clicker is still predominantly a Special Educational Needs support tool seems increasingly outdated. In fact, in my experience, quite the opposite is true and the more fully the software is integrated throughout the school, used by as many pupils and staff as possible, then the greater the impact: it becomes a tool to support learning rather than a tool to support learning difficulties.

    This is a quality product with enormous potential, limited only by the extent to which we invest in it.”

    You can read Louise’s review in full on our website.

  • Clicker 7 Reviews

    We’ve been getting some really fantastic feedback on Clicker 7, including two brand new reviews we’d like to share with you!

    John Galloway is an adviser, writer, and consultant who specializes in technology for special education and inclusion. He explored Clicker 7 on behalf of

    “Clicker has been in our classrooms for nearly 30 years, largely because it is constantly reinvented. They don’t just tweak it and call it an upgrade, they listen to users, check technology developments, and rebuild it - as now with Clicker 7.

    There are simple changes such as the use of drag-and-drop in grids. Whereas you once had to click on something to cut and paste it, now you can also drag it, more like how a tablet interface works. Then there is the inclusion of children’s voices, one male, one female, in the speech options which should make it more appealing and engaging.

    Voice Notes can now be added to writing documents. As the name suggests these are short recordings created either by the writer or the teacher as prompts and reminders. Then there is the ‘Word Pool’ facility to teach the software tricky pronunciations, or to add specific words and meanings to the predictor and spellchecker.

    Overall, this latest iteration of Clicker makes it even more inclusive than ever, spreading the range of possible users even further, from those who have no challenges to learning, to those with considerable and profound ones. The problem for schools - a welcome one - may well be in getting the most from all that it offers.”

    Click here to read John’s review in full.

    In his review for Special World, Mick Archer highlights our new planning tool, Clicker Board.

    “Teachers will undoubtedly find a variety of ways to use this but one example is as an in-built mind-mapping tool. Imagine, for example, getting your class to brain storm the vocabulary they might use in writing a story about Christmas. This activity might take the familiar form of starting with a core word from which others are generated at the end of branches or twigs.

    That done, the question is what next? On a traditional chalk board or whiteboard the final mind-map might be left on view as a reference point for students when writing their stories. In Clicker 7, however, the entire content of the mind-map can be exported with one click to a word bank grid. From here the student can use it within Clicker as they would any other Clicker grid.

    For those who have followed the Clicker story, each chapter has seen the addition of new features and functionality, exploiting the huge technological changes that have taken place over its lifetime. What may have started out as a humble word processor is now a literacy multitool designed to help tackle a wide range of issues.”

    Find out what Mick thought about other key features, including the new children’s voices, book creation tool, and accessibility options, by reading the full review here.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on the latest version too! To see Clicker 7 in action, take a look at our new introduction video or get in touch to arrange a free in-school or webinar demonstration for your staff.

  • New App Review and More

    Jill Goodman has just reviewed Clicker Connect on

    “Crick Software must have really liked the reviews I did of their apps because they created Clicker Connect especially for my own autistic son. Or so it seems…It makes it possible for a child with very modest language and limited literacy to actually compose an original paragraph…The app allows kids to participate in journaling and expressing themselves in ways not possible before. It relies on taps so poor handwriting and difficulty typing with accuracy don’t stand in the way of kids writing.”

    You can read the full review on our website.

    Don’t forget to read through the reviews we’ve had of our other apps - Clicker Sentences, Clicker Docs, Clicker Books, and Clicker Communicator.

    Clicker Sentences conveniently saves all work instantly so it is impossible to lose his efforts! He can do all this cuddled up on the sofa, again it doesn’t feel like homework! We then save the sentences as a Clicker Document and email it to his teacher and sometimes print it out.” – Inka Clark, Parent

    “One of my favorite features in Clicker Docs is the way you can create custom Word Banks for use with particular topics and focus areas. It’s a huge benefit for both teachers and students that you can simply copy and paste text from any source and create an alphabetized Word Bank with just a few taps.” – Dr. Brian Friedlander, AT Consultant

    “When students are using Clicker Books, they are totally engaged. We can get them to write…Recently we created books about Ancient Greece, easily copying and pasting images to create the title page from the Internet, and then bringing in text from research. Currently, students are working on creating books about the Olympics.” Donna Schneider, AT Specialist

    Communicator has some of the easiest editing features that I have played with. You can literally type a list of words in, hit enter, and it will send the words to buttons — and add pictures for you. I’m now so in love with their way of adding words and pictures that I feel frustrated when I open other apps and have to add words button-by-button.”  Audra Vanderland, Special Education Teacher and Parent

  • New Clicker Books Review

    We have just posted a new Clicker Books review on our website written by Mark Giufre. Mark directs the Educational Technology program at Wildwood School in New York, and has reviewed a number of our apps in the past.

    “Clicker Books does not disappoint. I cannot stress enough that what makes this app different from the other book maker apps on the market is the inclusion of all the Clicker supports…It can be used across grade levels, across subjects, and for all learners. Whether making a social story for a student with special needs or creating a book report on the Battle at Gettysburg, Clicker Books is fully customizable and accessible for both students and teachers.”

    You can read all of Mark’s great feedback here.

  • New Clicker Sentences Review

    We recently posted a review of Clicker Sentences on our website from BridgingApps, Easter Seals Greater Houston.

    “We cannot say enough about this app. Clicker Sentences is a proven literacy support tool made specifically for the iPad and created with the users in mind. It is not only easy to create on; it provides a platform for young and struggling writers to gain both skills and confidence as they move forward.”

    You can read the review in full, here.

  • Clicker Connect Reviews

    Since its launch earlier this year, a number of people in the education industry have reviewed our Clicker Connect app - I wanted to share two of the most recent reviews with you.

    Teach Primary magazine featured Clicker Connect in their Apps for Education roundup last month. Here is a quick extract from reviewer John Dabell:

    “Writing apps that support literacy development can be a minefield. However, Clicker Connect offers something above and beyond. The app is a triumph because it is based on a simple idea that scaffolds independent writing skills – pupils build sentences by selecting words, phrases and pictures from a grid. It’s brilliant because it kick-starts the writing process, helps children to be creative and gives them a clear sense of achievement.”

    You can read the review in full here.

    Another Clicker Connect review has just been published on the Appy Ladies website. The website is run by a diverse group of special education teachers and parents who have a passion for education apps. Reviewer Marissa Harris thinks that Clicker Connect is an excellent tool for budding writers:

    “Do you need help in fostering the development of independent writing? Clicker Connect is a truly remarkable app to utilize to help teach the writing process. I have been using this with some of my special learners and they are showing great progress and pride with their writing skills! Highly recommended!”

    Marissa’s full review can also be accessed via our website.

    If you’re using Clicker Connect, or any of our other Clicker Apps to support your learners, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear how you have been using it!

  • Clicker Books Review

    Clicker Books has just been reviewed by the Educational App Store.  Along with Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs, it has received a five star review.  Very few apps receive five stars, so we are very excited to see this!

    “This is an app that teachers will love to teach with and pupils will love learning from. It can also be used in the home with the help of parents.  Right from the start, the app is very easy and intuitive to use as there are a series of examples and “how to” tools that help with a quick learning of the navigation and usage of the app.”

    Visit the Educational App Store to read the review in full.

  • Special Apps, Special Kids – Clicker Sentences Review

    We have a new Clicker Sentences Review in the Crick Apps Reviews section of our website that was posted on the website, Special Apps, Special Kids. Amy Taylor, an SLP who is also a mother of 2 children with special needs, started this site to review and share apps that she has found helpful for her students and her own children.  The review goes into great detail, covering the features of the app along with what the reviewer personally likes about it.

    “Clicker Sentences is User Friendly!  I love how there is a built-in tutorial, as well as a set of ready-to-use examples to refer to when you are first exploring the app.  The interface is very easy to navigate as well- the screens are uncluttered, and there are easy-to-understand icons indicating where to access features.”

    You can read the review in full on our website.

    We’d love to hear how you are using Clicker Sentences with your students. Let us know or add a review to the app store today!

  • Clicker Apps Reviews

    Since the release of Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs earlier this year, we have had some fantastic reviews.

    Jill Goodman, a reviews editor and parent of a child with special needs writes about Clicker Docs, “Pretty much every goal on my ASD son's IEP could be addressed using this one app. It is a tremendous time saver for teachers, parents and therapists. It supports those with a wide range of abilities, and as confidence increases, the level of support can be dialed back. Even those without identified special needs can benefit.” To read Jill’s review in full, click here.

    Jackie Bryla of ACT – Apps, Consulting & Training writes about Clicker Sentences, “Clicker Sentences is a wonderful app for sentence building and offering opportunities for students to retell stories or experiences. I love this app.” To read Jackie’s review in full, click here.

    To read more reviews, visit the reviews section of our website.