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  • Clicker 7 for English Language Learners

    I joined Crick Software in 2005 and up until this Summer my focus has been on working with schools in the UK. I now work with International Schools and our partners across the globe.

    I have created a series of videos highlighting how Clicker 7 can offer support to learners of all abilities and needs. This week I will be focusing on why Clicker is such a powerful tool for supporting students whose primary language is not English.

    It’s vital for English language learners to be given frequent opportunities to listen to new vocabulary and practice using it themselves. "Listen and Say" activities provide a great way for students to do this, and are easy to put together. Click the image below to watch the video:

    Clicker 7 - Listen and Say

    Clicker provides the additional support that English language learners need to develop their writing skills - from the first steps of writing word labels or simple sentences, to more independent writing with word bank support as language acquisition grows. This video show how to use Sentence Sets and Connect Sets to support those critical first steps in writing; click on the image to watch:

    Clicker 7 - Sentence Set

    We also have a ready-made resource available, New to English, to rapidly build language skills and confidence for students at the start of their journey.

    I will be posting more videos in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on our blog to discover more exciting ways that you can use Clicker 7 in your setting!

  • Back to School with Clicker

    It’s the start of a new school year – time to get to know your new class. Younger learners can use our latest Clicker Board Set This Is Me to tell you all about themselves. Students can also use the Clicker Custom Set Interview Me to record a personal profile to share with the class.


    The Myself Word Bank provides key vocabulary under the headings of Family, Home, School, and Spare Time to help students write an introduction about themselves. For older writers, the Clicker Set Autobiography provides a more extensive word bank to support their writing.


    The start of the new school year is also a great time to set goals for the year ahead, and we have a variety of resources to tackle this task. The Connect Set My Goals provides beginnings, middles, and endings to create sentences about what students need to work on at school. The Word Bank Personal Goals supports more independent learners to write about their targets. The Clicker Custom Sets My Goals One, Two, and Three provide different levels of support to help students of all abilities record their personal goals and review their achievements. And don’t forget to use the Connect Set Our Classroom Rules to write a collaborative list of classroom rules for the year.


    Be sure to visit LearningGrids for many more autobiographical and school-related Clicker resources.

  • Using LearningGrids to Create Inclusive Lesson Plans

    Crick Software believes in the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) framework, and we always take this into account when designing our LearningGrids resources. One of the biggest challenges facing teachers today is being able to differentiate lessons quickly and efficiently to address the needs of all students in the classroom. And of course, one of the best features of Clicker 7 is the ease with which you can differentiate Clicker Sets for specific students based on their needs.

    If, for example, a teacher was conducting a unit or lesson on plants, there are many resources on LearningGrids to support a variety of writing levels, allowing teachers to maximize the number of students they can reach. “About Plants” is a Sentence Set for early readers and writers that allows for supported, single sentence outcome grids to help students write all about plants.


    Connect Sets offer scaffolded support and more options so students can make choices about what they want to write while still being supported with words and phrases. The “Parts of a Plant” Connect Set uses words and pictures to get students writing about plants, while still giving them independence to decide what to write.


    Word Banks allow learners to construct their own sentences and paragraphs with topic specific words. Here’s an example entitled, “Plant Life Cycle A-Z".


    Aside from these Clicker Sets, there are a variety of others like “Talk about Parts of a Plant,” “Planting a Seed – Listen and Match,” and even Custom Sets like “Water a Plant” and “Parts of Plants We Eat”.

    There are over 80 resources covering plants on LearningGrids and over 1,000 Sets in total, with many “activity groups” like this that cover the same topic but support different stages of literacy development. We add new resources to LearningGrids regularly; go check them out!

  • Preparing For a New School Year

    As the new school year approaches, it’s a good time to audit your software licenses and consider whether they need to be moved around.

    Each year, the summer vacation provides a good opportunity for IT Departments to refresh their school’s computer facilities while the buildings are empty. When staff return, they often find that things have been changed around!

    Computers generally get slower with frequent use and can develop problematic quirks that may be difficult to troubleshoot. Most schools wipe their computers every one or two years in order to restore them to “like new” condition. Some may be moved to new locations, old computers are retired from service, and new ones are enrolled onto the network.

    As a result, it becomes quite difficult to keep track of which licenses are installed where!

    Therefore, it’s a good idea to reset your software licenses during this maintenance period. Once your computers have been refreshed, the full number of licenses will be at your disposal, and you can allocate them to the correct computers without complication or confusion.

    Fortunately, Clicker 7 and DocsPlus make this very easy. To transfer one or more licenses:

    1. Visit
    2. Enter your serial number, complete the I’m not a robot check, and click Start.
    3. If your serial number is unregistered, you will need to register it before continuing. This protects your serial number from being lost in future.
    4. Click Manage licenses.
    5. Find a computer in the list and click its Reclaim License button.

    Once you reclaim a license, you can immediately reuse it on the next computer.

    If Clicker 7 remains on the previous computer, it will stop working after a short period. To avoid confusion, we recommend uninstalling Clicker 7 before reclaiming licenses.

    Chromebook Apps

    Unlike standard laptops, Chromebooks don’t need refreshing very often. Additionally, apps are assigned to Google accounts rather than specific Chromebooks, so students can always access their apps no matter which device they sign into.

    However, if you have a Multi-User Subscription to our Chromebook Apps, remember that you can change which students have access to the subscription at any time.

    This may be necessary at the start of a new school year, as old students leave and new students arrive.

    To manage your Multi-User Subscription, please follow this guide: