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  • Installing DocsPlus

    Whether you’re upgrading from a previous version, or this is your first DocsPlus purchase, following these steps will ensure a successful DocsPlus installation.


    The first step is to register your serial number (printed on the license card in your DocsPlus box).

    This makes it possible to retrieve your serial number upon request if it becomes lost in the future, effectively safeguarding your purchase. It’s also required to manage your licenses.

    To register, please visit:

    Previous versions

    As best practice, we recommend uninstalling any old DocsPlus versions first, as it reduces the likelihood of problems later. Uninstalling won’t delete any saved work.

    To help with uninstalling DocsPlus from a Windows network (e.g. if DocsPlus was installed as part of a system image), you can use the DocsPlus Uninstall Tool.


    We always recommend downloading the latest installer, instead of using a DVD or an old network package.

    DocsPlus Windows Installer

    DocsPlus Mac Installer


    There are several ways to install DocsPlus:

    • Standalone – run the installer on an individual computer.
      • The Shared Files folder will be located on the computer itself.
    • Network – run the installer on your server to generate a unique network package, which can then be deployed to multiple computers simultaneously.
      • The Shared Files will be located on the network
    • System Image – run the installer on your server to generate a unique network package. Install the package to your image. After the image is deployed, activate DocsPlus on each computer via command line (Windows only).
      • The Shared Files will be located on the network

    Full instructions are provided in our Support section.


    DocsPlus requires activating before it can be used, so a license can be assigned to the computer.

    This usually happens automatically over the Internet during installation. If it fails for whatever reason, DocsPlus will require activation when launched. You can retry activating over the Internet, or exchange codes with our activation website (using another device if necessary).

    You don’t need to be logged in as an administrator to activate DocsPlus.

  • Clicker in International Schools

    I’ve just returned to the UK following a short trip to the Middle East. During the trip, I visited International Schools in Qatar, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi – running training and demonstration sessions on Clicker 7.

    The schools were unanimously enthusiastic about our software. They loved the way students of all abilities are supported in producing high quality work. The main challenge facing the schools is finding successful ways of supporting students with dyslexia, children on the autism spectrum, and students who speak English fluently but struggle to echo this competence in their writing – Clicker is effective at meeting all these needs.

    While running the sessions I picked out an aspect of our products that was drawing the attention of the schools. They really liked the fact our Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool License included home use for students – parents were pleased that they could use the software at home to continue the support offered in school.

    Finally, during the trip, I had a chance to catch up with Emma Dibden from Jumeirah English Speaking School. She told me about how they are using Clicker in the school, and the difference it has been making for the children. We will be publishing this success story in January next year, so keep your eyes on the blog!