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  • Clicker at the Beach

    Going to the beach this summer? We have added many new and updated Clicker Beach sets on LearningGrids to keep reading, writing, and speaking skills up-to-date over the long summer break. 

    Early or struggling writers can use the Connect Set to write about My Day at the Beach. The Beach – Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Word Bank helps older students write about a trip to a beach location. 


    Students can use the Beach Senses Clicker Board Set to create mind maps about what they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch at the beach. With Coast Adjectives, students are encouraged to carefully consider the use of adjectives in their writing.


    Talk About a Day at the Beach allows students to talk about a group of children’s day at the beach. The graphics in the set come from the Clicker Book A Day at the Beach – Read a Book. You can also easily create a Talk Set with your own beach pictures.  For early emergent readers, use the Matching Set At the Beach – Picture Pairs to practice visual discrimination.


    We have also added some updated math activities around the beach theme, including Beach Counting (1 – 10) and 1 Less Than – Beach . Be sure to visit LearningGrids for many more beach activities.


  • Crick at ISTE 2016

    In late June, the Crick Software team made its way to Denver, Colorado for the ISTE 2016 conference. It was great to meet so many educators interested in Clicker 7 to support their student’s literacy skills. We were very excited to be able to demonstrate Clicker 7 and the developments that we have made since its release in January. 

    It was wonderful seeing people react so positively to the new features of Clicker 7 like the children’s voices for speech support, enhanced word prediction, and the larger picture library. One of the most popular features that I personally showed was the Word Pool. Word Pool is a unique feature which allows the user to add a word into Clicker 7’s dictionary so that it is recognized by the spell checker. It also allows the user to change the pronunciation of a word by typing it in phonetically. This changes the pronunciation of the word, but not the correct spelling in the document.

    It is always such a pleasure to go out and meet the people that are familiar with our products and introduce new educators to them. ISTE 2016 was a great success and we are looking forward to returning next year!


  • Many schools I speak to are excited that the Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool License includes home use for the students.

    I recently delivered training to a school in West Sussex who bought a Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool License following a breakfast seminar. The Special Education Coordinator was excited for a particular group of parents to understand how to support their children’s literacy at home using Clicker.

    The Special Education Coordinator organized a short meeting where she used the knowledge gained from the training session to introduce Clicker 7 to some parents. I worked with her to put together a short agenda:

    • Speech in the word processor
    • Speech supported Spell Checker
    • Predictor
    • Opening and using Sentence Sets / Connect Sets / Word Banks
    • Showing creation of a Sentence Set by typing in a few sentences
    • Showing creation of a Word Bank by pasting a page in from the internet

    This equipped the parents with enough information to effectively support their children’s literacy needs at home.

    If you would like to find out more about Clicker 7 and how it can support your school community, please email to arrange a free demonstration, or look out for our free breakfast seminars in the fall – we will be announcing the venues on our website soon.

  • Did you know? – Clicker 7 Tips

    Picture Shortcuts

    If you regularly use pictures from a particular folder on your computer or network, you can create a handy shortcut to it for easy access:

    1. In the top Document ribbon tab, click the Picture icon and choose Browse.
    2. Click the Home icon to ensure you’re in the right place.
    3. Click the cog icon in the bottom-left corner and choose New Shortcut.
    4. Browse to your folder and click OK.

    The shortcut will now appear in the Picture Browser.

    To rename or delete a shortcut, click it and then click the cog icon.


    Extra Voices

    Speech feedback has always been a key feature of Clicker, with each version including the latest text-to-speech technology of its day.

    In response to customer demand, Clicker 7 is the first to include voices of children rather than adults.

    However, if you wish to use adult voices as well, they can be installed as optional extras:

    1. Visit
    2. Click the relevant download link for your desired language, depending on whether your computer is a Windows PC or a Mac.
    3. Windows: double-click the downloaded file, click Install and follow the on-screen instructions.
    4. Mac OS X: double-click the downloaded file to open a virtual drive in Finder. Run the file inside and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Colindale Primary School in London, England is using Clicker 7 extensively to develop students’ literacy skills, and are experiencing real success. Inclusion Leader Suzanne Lazarus shares her experiences with us:

    “Clicker is used in a variety of ways across the school. Our ELL staff view Clicker as an essential day-to-day resource. It plays a key support role in our literacy and topic lessons, and I use it on a weekly basis with my boosters writing group, which supports children who are falling behind in literacy. A lot of teachers are also using the new Clicker Board tool for whole class planning and mind mapping…

    For me, what’s great about Clicker is its flexibility. Some children need specific fonts, colors, and settings; others just need access to a key word bank and the predictor. Having just one tool that you can tailor to each learner’s literacy needs makes differentiation so much more straightforward.

    I think if I was to sum up the impact Clicker 7 has on learning in our school, I’d say that Clicker makes writing a fun, exciting, and accessible experience for everyone, including reluctant and struggling writers. I would really urge other schools to consider using Clicker as their word processor of choice – it’s designed for children after all! Just having access to the speech feedback, the predictor, and some key topic words can make such a huge difference.”

    You can read the success story in full on our website