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  • In many of the recent blog posts you will have read about Clicker Board, Clicker 7’s tool for planning and organizing ideas.

    Clicker Board can be used in many different ways. One of the simplest is to think of it as a blank canvas for recording ideas in preparation for writing. In a shared writing session it might look something like this.

    Let’s say you’re developing a story idea with your class. Perhaps using a picture stimulus you will pose questions (e.g. What did the people notice? / What do you think might happen to…? / What might they do next?). Using Clicker Board you make notes using the children’s suggestions, responding to their thoughts and modeling the difference between notes and sentences as you go. You can also link or sequence the ideas, helping children to develop the narrative.



    At this point the children might write their own versions of the story, expanding on the notes and creating their own endings. They can open Clicker Board on their computers and can flick between the document and Clicker Board using the tabs at the bottom of the screen. In this way they always have access to the planning.

    Alternatively, you might choose to open Clicker Board in a future lesson, perhaps to carry on developing the story or to consider possible endings. You might, for example, want to organize the notes into story stages such as beginning, middle, and ending, as in the example below – simply drag each cell around on the screen. This Board can be returned to again and again, offering many opportunities for extended classroom use.


    This is just one way that Clicker Board might be used – look out for other ideas on the blog for how you can use it in your classroom.

  • Olympics

    With an exciting summer of sports coming up, we have some fantastic resources on LearningGrids – so celebrate the occasion and get your students reading, writing, and learning with our engaging sports-themed activities.

    Whether your focus is on the Olympic Games or on learning about the host country of Brazil, you will find some great activities – whatever the age or ability of your students – right across our range of software tools (including Clicker, WriteOnline, and the Clicker Apps) to engage and motivate them in learning through these topics.

    Students can read, write, and talk about the geography, people, and culture of the fascinating country which plays host to the Summer Games this year. There are also activities which support learning about the Olympics themselves – from reading to writing – with topic word banks to support more confident writers, and even a writing frame to support the construction of a track and field report. Keep your eye out for more Olympics sets coming soon – with a focus on the origin of the Games in ancient Greece.

    Don’t forget our soccer-based resources too. From counting activities for younger students, to writing about a soccer game using word banks or a game report writing frame – great for encouraging independent writers to use wider, topic-specific vocabulary! Students can even design their own soccer shirt and talk about their design!

    There are Wordbars about Brazil and the Olympics to support older students in their written work on these topics too. To find all of these, and many more resources to support this and other topic work this summer, simply search on LearningGrids.

  • Using Clicker 7 with Touch Devices

    More and more of the customers that I work with are using Clicker 7 on touch devices; this includes touch screens, interactive white boards, and Windows tablets. Below you will find the top tips that I give to customers who are using these devices:

    • In Clicker 7 a right click is used to hear words in a Clicker Set, in the word predictor, or in the Spell Checker, but since that is not possible on a touch device, a long tap will be interpreted as a right click.
    • An onscreen keyboard is always available!
    • You can use the SoundShift tool to hear words. One way this can be used is for previewing words before you select them from the word predictor that sits along the top of the keyboard.


    • Words can be dragged and dropped from a Clicker Set into the Document. This is ideal if a student has skipped a word and because the dragging motion is natural on a touch screen.


    No matter if you are clicking, tapping, or dragging, you can enjoy all of the features that Clicker 7 has to offer!

  • Clicker 7 License Management

    We’ve recently updated our activation website to provide new ways of tracking and managing your Clicker 7 licenses. To access the website, visit and enter your Clicker 7 serial number. If your serial number hasn’t been registered yet, you’ll be prompted to do so before continuing.

    License Management

    When Clicker 7 is activated on a computer, a license is assigned to that computer until further notice. Over time, the computer may break or get replaced, or you may just want to move that license to another computer instead. When this happens, use this page to reclaim the license so it can be reused on a different computer. We recommend uninstalling Clicker 7 before reclaiming the license as the original computer’s license will expire and stop working after a period of time.

    The page keeps count of how many licenses are:

    • in use
    • expiring soon
    • expired

    Activate a Computer Manually

    Normally, Clicker 7 activates automatically over the Internet during installation. If this fails, you’ll see a Clicker 7 Requires Activation message when launching Clicker 7:

    1. Click Activate and then choose Activate manually.
    2. Enter the Computer ID displayed by Clicker 7 into this page.
    3. Enter the Unlock Code displayed by this page into Clicker 7 and click Activate.

    Activation Log

    Whenever a computer tries to activate using your serial number, the attempt is logged on this page.

    For every attempt, you can see:

    • the computer name (except for manually activated computers)
    • when it occurred 
    • whether it succeeded or failed

    Register More Serial Numbers

    Use this page to register any additional Clicker 7 serial numbers that your school owns. This pools your licenses so that any of your serial numbers have access to all of your licenses. For example - you purchase a 10 Computers OneSchool License and later on purchase another 10 Computers OneSchool License; register the second serial number on this page and you can then use either serial number to install Clicker 7 on 20 computers at once.

    Please note: this can only be done if all serial numbers belong to a single site/school building as outlined in the license agreement.