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  • Clicker Book - Jack and the Beanstalk

    Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn is a special school in Swansea for students ages 3-19. Earlier this year, the school’s Young Enterprise Group used Clicker 6 to create a fantastic Jack and the Beanstalk talking storybook. It’s narrated by actress Louise Jameson and also includes music and symbol support.

    Screenshot from Jack and the Beanstalk

    The group is selling a printed version of the book, with all proceeds going to Tŷ Hafan, one of the UK’s leading pediatric palliative care charities. Clicker 6 users can also download a free copy of the talking book by clicking here – please take a look at what these very talented students have put together. We also have a great ‘making of’ video provided by the students.

    If you have not yet purchased Clicker 6, you can look at Jack and the Beanstalk by downloading our Clicker 6 28-day free trial and then installing the book, or by watching this video.

    Here’s a great photo from the book launch, with special guest Bonnie Tyler!

    The Jack and the Beanstalk book launch

  • Did You Know? – Painting in Clicker 6

    The Paint feature within Clicker 6 is highly versatile and offers fun ways for users to illustrate their ideas.

    Did you know you can paint over other pictures?

    Once you’ve added a picture to your Document, you can paint over it! This is especially fun to do with photos taken with a webcam.

    To do this: click the picture to select it, click the Picture icon in the Document Toolbar, and then click the Paint icon.

    Did you know you can choose which tools, stamps, and colors appear?

    It’s possible to create a custom Paint activity that contains only the tools, stamps, and colors that you specify.  This is useful to keep the activity focused and remove potential distractions.

    To create a custom Paint activity:

    1. Create or open a Clicker Set.
    2. In Edit Mode, add a cell to a grid/page.
    3. With the cell selected, switch to the Open tab in the top toolbar.
    4. Click Choose and choose Open Paint.
    5. Click More Options on the right.
    6. Click the Tools or Colors tab.

    Click the tools/color palettes along the top to enable/disable them.

    Each enabled tool/color palette has a corresponding tab below. Items in the left list will be hidden; items in the right list will be shown. To move an item from one list to another, click the item, and then click an arrow button. The tool’s default settings can be changed on the right.

    Did you know you can save a painting?

    You may wish to save your painting as a picture file, so it can be used in other programs and sent to other people. To do this: when the Paint window is visible, open the Clicker Set menu in the Clicker 6 window behind it and choose Save Picture As. Type a name, choose the picture file type, and then click Save.

  • Hopefully by now, many of you will have seen and had a chance to use the latest addition to our Clicker Apps family – Clicker Communicator. This powerful tool gives a voice to learners who experience speech and language difficulties, offering a rich communication experience and helping to develop key language skills. It enables children to take an active vocal part in the classroom, giving them opportunities to join in and participate verbally. 

    I wanted to tell you about some sets that we have created and published to our LearningGrids website. The activities are all designed to enable children to join in and recite familiar nursery rhymes – Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and One Two Buckle My Shoe. Singing familiar songs and rhymes is an important part of children’s language development – it helps children to learn basic communication skills like listening, concentrating, copying and taking turns, as well as developing key language skills like phonological awareness (listening to and knowing about the sound structure of words).

    In these simple activities, each of the lines of the rhyme is divided into color-coded sections. Children choose the colored cells in order, from left to right, to recite each line. As they tap, each cell speaks so that they hear the rhyme as they go. They can then listen to the entire rhyme by tapping the message area. Use the activity grid with the children, showing them the pictures on the grid at the same time – as you sing (or say) the words, point to the corresponding pictures. By taking part in this way they are developing both language and communication skills.

    We’ll be working hard to continue with our curriculum coverage for all students across a range of themes and curriculum areas, whatever their needs and stage of language development, so make sure you keep an eye on the website for regular updates!

  • New Sharing Option in Clicker Apps

    With our latest updates, all Clicker Apps now support OneDrive for file sharing.  This is a much requested feature from schools and local authorities that are using this Microsoft service.

    In any of the Clicker Apps, turn on OneDrive in Settings > Sharing, then tap OneDrive in Explorer to link it to your account – you can now use either a personal or a school account.

    Now you’re ready to open and save files from and to your OneDrive - a great way to get Sentence Sets, Connect Sets, Word Banks, Clicker Books, or Clicker Communicator Sets to your students!

    We want to help all schools to use Clicker Apps in the most productive way, and the addition of OneDrive support brings the number of sharing options to four, the others being Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and WebDAV.