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  • ISTE 2015

    We were excited to attend the ISTE 2015 Conference in Philadelphia at the beginning of this month. A special event during the conference was the Inclusive Learning Playground, a three-hour hands-on exploration of engaging learning through the arts sponsored by the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network. Participants were able to rotate through many stations, spending a few minutes at each.

    At our Crick station, a member of our curriculum development team used our book-making app, Clicker Books, to provide a writing activity that demonstrates how the app can empower students of any age group and any ability level to create their own talking books.

    Participants familiarized themselves with Clicker Books by creating a ‘What Makes Me, Me?’ page. They enjoyed taking snapshots of themselves with the camera feature within the app and in some cases used the Paint feature to embellish the photo.

    We received a lot of positive feedback and participants left with smiles on their faces, thinking about all the exciting ways they could use Clicker Books to encourage their students to write!

  • We have already had some fantastic feedback on Clicker Communicator, our child-friendly communication aid for the iPad®. We’ve recently added some really useful pages to the website to help you learn more:

    • Reviews – Gillian Hazel, founder of AACsig, has reviewed Clicker Communicator for the latest edition of SEND magazine. Ed Tech blogger Jill Goodman has also shared her thoughts on the app via the iMums website. You can read their reviews in full here.
    • Video – Watch our new introduction video for an overview of Clicker Communicator’s key features.
    • Blog – Our LearningGrids team has been very busy creating lots of new Clicker Communicator resources that will help students take an active vocal role in their lessons. In her latest blog post, Tania explores some of the great resources that have been published so far.
    • Training – If you missed our live introduction webinars this term, you can catch up on a recording of the first session here.

    If you have any other questions about Clicker Communicator or would like to organize a demonstration please don't hesitate to contact us!

  • What's in the Support Section?

    In addition to providing solutions to common problems, our Support section hosts a wealth of helpful information about our products and how to use them.

    All of our products come with comprehensive User Guides. These can be accessed from within the product itself for quick reference, but are also available to download as PDF files in our Support section. They can be printed out or viewed on a separate device. This offers the benefit of being able to view the guide side-by-side with the product, which is particularly useful when following a guide from start to finish.

    The Support pages for Clicker Sentences, Clicker Docs, and Clicker Communicator also contain a newly-written guide, which explains how to set up your iPad’s Switch Control feature to enable controlling these Clicker Apps with switches.

    We have also produced a series of short How Do I? videos which demonstrate how to perform specific tasks in various products. Ever wondered if you could paint on top of a webcam photo in Clicker 6, or include multiple words in one cell in Clicker Docs? Check the Support section to learn how!

    Lastly, the latest versions of our current Windows PC/Mac products can be downloaded from the Support section. This ensures that you can always install a product, even if your disc becomes lost or your computer has no disc drive.

  • The Circus Is Back in Town!

    Summer is here - what a perfect time for a trip to the circus! We have recently added lots of new circus-related Clicker and Clicker Apps sets on LearningGrids. For our latest app, Clicker Communicator, there is A Trip to the Circus which enables students with language challenges to give a recount or to respond to questions about their trip to the circus.


    And why not encourage your students to perform in their own circus? They can read Our Circus - Read to get ideas for different circus acts and then use Our Circus – Write to write about the group of children in the story or to write about their own circus. The Clicker images can easily be replaced with the students’ own photos.


    We have also created a number of activities about clowns with a focus on adjectives. With Clown Opposites – Read, students can read simple descriptions of a variety of clowns, and then they can talk or write about the clowns using Clowns – Talk and Clown Opposites Sentences. There is also a Clowns – Read and Match activity and a creative writing activity called Clown Similes.


     The circus theme extends to math activities as well. Children can use circus images to identify numbers in 1 More Than or 1 Less Than – Circus. They can also practice counting to five and to ten with Circus Counting (1-5) and (1-10).


    Be sure to visit LearningGrids for many more circus resources and well as other summer vacation activities.