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  • Clicker Sentences

    We have recently published a number of new Clicker Sentences sets, and there are now well over 100 sets on LearningGrids!

    Clicker Sentences can be used in so many different ways to help your emerging and struggling writers - it is a fantastic tool to develop early literacy skills. Clicker Sentences sets such as Clothing Colors and My Favorite Things use simple repetitive sentence structures to encourage an understanding of word order and sentence construction.


    Clicker Sentences sets can also be used to help consolidate knowledge about specific curriculum content, for example about Parts of a Plant or Life Processes.


    With Goldilocks Sentences and Rosie’s Bone, students can retell a story with the support of Clicker Sentences.  It allows emerging writers to create written work they can be proud of.


    Clicker Sentences also allows students to easily experiment with language. With Alliteration Sentences and At the Zoo, students tap words to create fun alliterative sentences. They can also use the keyboard to add their own words and use the integrated speech engine to listen to the original and new sentences.


    All of the Clicker Sentences sets on LearningGrids can be edited to match the specific needs of your individual learners. Different options for model sentences allow for easy differentiation.

    Be sure to have a look at our 90-second training videos to see just how quick and easy it is to create your own Clicker Sentences sets.

  • Non-verbal Child Finds His Voice with Clicker 6

    Aeshia Grine is a special education teacher at Skyline High School in Colorado. She works with students from grades 9-12, all of whom have significant special needs – she got in touch to share a very special success story with us!

    “One of my goals this year has been to work on speaking skills with John*, who has Autism, and is non-verbal. Until now it has been very difficult to assess or record his vocalizations as he hasn’t spoken before.

    Using Clicker 6, I have been able to create a range of activities with the ‘Listen and Say’ wizard, enabling me to record his voice in an environment that he feels comfortable with. All I have to do is choose a selection of pictures (I have been using the Crick Picture Library, but they can come from anywhere), and the wizard does the rest. Each page of the activity presents a single picture with speech support (click on the picture to hear the word or phrase), and then John makes his own recording. The recording and the model are both saved with the Clicker Set, which means I get a ‘snapshot’ of each stage of his progress.

    Needless to say, John finds it incredibly rewarding to hear his own voice, and this has been a real breakthrough for all of us.”

    You can find out more about how Aeshia has been using Clicker 6 on our website.


    *Name has been changed.

  • Clicker Communicator Vocabulary Sets

    Clicker Communicator - our AAC app for children and young people with speech and language difficulties – is almost ready!  Soon we’ll have all the information on the website that will explain what makes Clicker Communicator so special.

    In addition to putting the final touches on the app, we’ve spent many months building the ready-made “Clicker Core” Vocabulary Sets that will be included:

    1. First, we studied the latest research to discover the words and phrases that are most often used in verbal communication – the core words.  The resulting words and phrases were then categorized into parts of speech.
    2. Secondly, we talked to the experts – speech & language pathologists and AAC specialists who are working with AAC every day in the real world – and we then worked with one in particular to produce prototypes with Fitzgerald color coding.
    3. Finally, we used our user interface skills to pull the prototypes into child-friendly Vocabulary Sets with a clear and simple design.

    Three Clicker Core Vocabulary Sets are included with the app, and each follows the same design principles, making it easy to progress between levels.  Of course, it’s very easy to personalize the sets, and to create your own.

    Here’s a sneak preview of the Home Grid in level 2.  Look out for more news soon!

    Clicker Core Vocabulary Sets - Home Grid

  • The Clicker 6 wizards make resource creation incredibly fast and easy, and this idea came from a teacher who wanted to create extension activities from the huge range of talking books available on LearningGrids.

    Open any talking book in Clicker 6 – in this example we are going to use ‘Read About Fall’ (which is available to download here):

    Having read and discussed the book with your students, you now want to create a writing activity to assess comprehension of the content. With the book open in Clicker 6, choose ‘New Clicker Set’ from the ‘Clicker Set’ menu: 


    Next, choose ‘From current Clicker Set’ in the ‘Paste’ menu:


    The wizard strips all the sentences out of the current Clicker Set and pastes them into the Sentence Building dialog:


    Finally, click on ‘Create’, and your sentence building Clicker Set is ready to use:


    This feature is a great time saver and makes it really easy to extend activities quickly and easily, if needed!

  • New Clicker Books Review

    We have just posted a new Clicker Books review on our website written by Mark Giufre. Mark directs the Educational Technology program at Wildwood School in New York, and has reviewed a number of our apps in the past.

    “Clicker Books does not disappoint. I cannot stress enough that what makes this app different from the other book maker apps on the market is the inclusion of all the Clicker supports…It can be used across grade levels, across subjects, and for all learners. Whether making a social story for a student with special needs or creating a book report on the Battle at Gettysburg, Clicker Books is fully customizable and accessible for both students and teachers.”

    You can read all of Mark’s great feedback here.