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    If you experience an issue with one of our products or have a question to ask, you can contact our Support team by phone or email. Typically, we respond to emails within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

    However, before contacting us, it is always worth checking the Support section of our website first. It contains a wide range of articles that provide solutions to issues, information about procedures, and answers to various questions. There’s a good chance that you can find what you’re looking for immediately!

    The Support team periodically reviews the content of the Support section to ensure that it remains an up-to-date source of information. Recently, many articles have been rewritten to improve their clarity, and multiple new articles have been created:

    Clicker 6

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  • The new edition of Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom by Sally McKeown and Angela McGlashon is a practical guide outlining ideas and case studies which focus on the value of using technology in the classroom.

    Brilliant Idea 42 – Poetry pleases thanks to Clicker 6 describes how Becky Ludlow uses Clicker with the whole ability spectrum in her Year 4 class (equivalent to third grade in the US). As well as supporting those who struggle with reading and writing, Becky finds that Clicker helps her gifted and talented group to work on higher writing level skills such as restructuring and manipulating texts.

    Just some of the additional ideas for using Clicker, suggested by the authors include:

    • Create poetry activities with a Clicker set to support the targeted vocabulary.
    • Record into a Clicker book to enhance the writing process.
    • Use the predictor function to extend the written work and then read it back to ensure fluency.

    To find out more about how Becky’s school uses Clicker 6, watch the Moulton Primary School success story video on our website.

  • WriteOnline and WriteOnline App

    If you're looking to support older students with their writing - across a range of curriculum areas – don’t forget to explore our WriteOnline and WriteOnline App resources on LearningGrids

    Our latest group of sets includes a number of science and geography Wordbars. Students can write about the Water Cycle with key vocabulary to understand evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and accumulation. Glaciers A – Z supports writing about glacial processes and landforms. If students are learning about other countries, Wordbars such as Geography of Japan help them to write about the physical and human geography of the country. 


    We recently published our 100th WriteOnline App set, and there are almost 300 sets for the desktop version of WriteOnline already on LearningGrids. Did you know that any WriteOnline set can be converted into a WriteOnline App set? If you have a WriteOnline set that you want to use in the app, all you have to do is open the set in WriteOnline and choose “Export Wordbar for App” from the Wordbar menu. You can export the set to a shared folder such as Dropbox and then open it directly on the iPad  - use it as is or personalize the set for individual students. It is quick and easy.


    Any WriteOnline App set can also be used on the desktop version of WriteOnline. Just save an App set on your computer – WriteOnline App sets can be saved in shared folders such as Dropbox or they can be sent as email attachments. This way students will benefit from WriteOnline’s writing supports when they are working on an iPad or on a computer.

    Be sure to check out LearningGrids for all of the WriteOnline and WriteOnline App sets. Use the search tool or category folders to find what you're looking for, and remember - we regularly add to our free published resources, so keep checking back for more!

  • Using Speech to Text in Our Apps

    We now have a large number of school districts who have been using our iPad® apps for a year or more and we are getting some great ideas for extending their functionality. I am going to focus on one of the ideas that have come back from several different districts – integrating the speech to text facility (within iOS 8) with all of our apps:

    • Try using the Siri / dictation button on the iOS keyboard for students to dictate text into the WriteOnline App – we’ve had some great success stories reported back on this one.  
    • Use the button to dictate your target sentences / vocabulary when creating Sentence Sets in Clicker Sentences and Word Banks in Clicker Docs, thus speeding up the creation process even more.  
    • Encourage students to dictate their own sentences or target vocabulary in Edit Mode, and then reassemble them into sentences (in Clicker Sentences) or use a Word Bank to support more fluent writers (in Clicker Docs).