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  • New Clicker Apps Training Videos

    If you’ve just started using our Clicker Apps and would like some help learning how to use them, take a look at the latest addition to our website, our brand new 90-second Clicker Apps training videos. The videos will guide you through:

    • creating and editing activities
    • customizing settings to fit the needs of your students
    • using tools like the SoundShift button and the word predictor
    • sharing your resources and documents
    • accessing free resources on LearningGrids

    Within each Clicker app there is also a built-in help guide, which you can access via the ‘?’ icon in the toolbar.

  • Can I Run Clicker 6 on a Tablet?

    With Clicker being used so widely on school computers, we are often asked about the availability of Clicker 6 for tablets.

    Tablets are less powerful, have smaller screens, and are designed to be controlled by touch instead of a mouse and keyboard. Therefore, tablets run specialized software, known as "apps". Typically, an app has a primary purpose that is central to its design. A small number of additional features may be included, provided they do not distort the app's main purpose.

    Put simply, Clicker 6’s wide range of features make it too big to fit on tablets! However, the Clicker experience is available on some types of tablets:

    Clicker and iPad® Devices

    Due to the popularity of iPads in schools, we have created a series of Clicker Apps for iPad.

    Each one focuses on a particular aspect of Clicker 6. For example, the Clicker Sentences app works in a similar way to the Sentence Building wizard in Clicker 6. To learn more about the Clicker Apps, click here

    Clicker and Android Devices

    Currently, we do not create apps for Android.

    Unlike iPads, there are many types of Android devices, and they all run different variations of Android. This makes it difficult to provide the same consistent, high quality experience on Android like we are able to on iPads.

    Clicker and Windows Tablets

    Clicker 6 can run on tablets that run a desktop version of Windows, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1. However, Clicker 6 cannot run on tablets that run Windows RT. Although Windows RT resembles Windows 8, it can only run apps from the Windows App Store, and cannot run standard PC software.

    If you have any other questions about using Clicker on a tablet please do not hesitate to give us a call!

  • Black History Month

    February is Black History Month and we have many resources on LearningGrids to help your students write about important people and events in the history of African Americans. There are a wide range of word banks such as Civil Rights Movement A – Z and Barack Obama A – Z for WriteOnline, African American History 1870-1970 for the WriteOnline App, and Harriet Tubman A – Z and Martin Luther King Words for Clicker and Clicker Docs

    The Martin Luther King Clicker Connect set helps students write about the famous civil rights leader, but provides additional support. Using the Connect grids, students choose from a selection of words and phrases to create the sentences and build up their writing about the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Students can also use other Clicker features or resources from LearningGrids to present their knowledge and understanding of topics related to African American history.  Clicker’s Click & Edit tool and the Clicker Books app enable students to independently create their own books and presentations with the information and resources they have gathered. Presentations can incorporate images, including their own photographs or drawings.

    The set Ask & Answer makes use of Clicker’s integrated sound recorder so that students can present their information orally.  The speaking template allows students and teachers to create question and answer activities for any topic. After completing research on a famous person or event, get a student to record questions about the topic for another student, or group of students, to answer. This resource can also be used as a planning tool for a writing activity.

  • Word Banks for Younger Writers

    We may overlook how Clicker word banks can be used by children at an early stage of writing development. They offer a valuable support as children develop their ideas in writing, and provide a great next step from supported sentence building.

    A really simple idea is to use sentences created with your children to make a vocabulary words grid.

    In this example the class has been planting seeds. The students then recount the steps and create instructions which the teacher scribes:

      Put on some gloves.  
      Break up the lumps in the compost.  
      Fill the tray with compost.
      Make a hole in each pot.  
      Get some seeds in your hand.  
      Drop one seed into each hole.  
      Cover the seeds with compost.  
      Write the name labels.  
      Put a label in each tray.  
      Water the compost.  

    Copy and paste the sentences into the word bank wizard, exclude the common words, and you have a word bank for the children to use in their writing. The imperative verbs are there and the children type the more familiar vocabulary.

    You can also use the same text in the sentence building wizard to create a differentiated resource.