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  • Clicker Apps – File Management and Sharing

    Over the last few months I have been working closely with some of our school districts who have made large adoptions of the Clicker Apps.  I have had some great feedback on the ways in which they are managing and sharing the resources they have been creating for Clicker Sentences, Clicker Connect, Clicker Docs, and Clicker Books, and I wanted to share them. The screenshots in this post come from Clicker Sentences, but the procedure is identical for all four of the Clicker Apps.

    File Management in the Apps

    Let’s imagine that you have used Clicker Sentences to create a sentence building activity and an accompanying document for a student to write about the things they did last week:

    In order to organize all the related files into one folder, locate the Sentence Sets and documents that you have created (tap on the File Explorer icon at the top left of the screen), then create a new folder (tap the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of the screen and choose ‘Folder’):

    A  new folder will be created and you can rename it as appropriate – in this case we are going to call the folder ‘Jack Jones’ – the name of the student:

    Next we are going to select the files we want to store in this folder, and copy them - select ‘Edit’, tap on the radio buttons next to the files you want, then tap ‘Copy’ at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the ‘Jack Jones’ folder to open it, and then ‘Paste’:

    Organizing your files into folders is a really useful protocol to follow if you are creating lots of resources with the Clicker Apps, and especially if you have multiple students using the same iPad®.

    Sharing Resources

    There are several different ways of sharing resources with others – here we will look at how to copy the ‘Jack Jones’ folder to Google Drive. First of all, tap ‘Edit’, select the ‘Jack Jones’ folder, then tap ‘Copy’. Next, tap on the ‘Google Drive’ link, and then ‘Paste’. The folder (containing the resources you have created) is now available in Google Drive, and others can easily access your resources.

  • ATIA 2015

    We will be attending the ATIA conference next week – it is the largest international conference showcasing excellence in assistive technology, displaying the best products and services for people with disabilities.

    If you are going to be there, come and see us at booth 407 to find out what’s new. And, ask to see a sneak peak of our latest app, Clicker Communicator, available later this winter!

    If you haven’t already seen SuperKeys, our latest app, an accessible keyboard for the iPhone® and iPad, come take a look! The unique design of SuperKeys gives you just seven large keys to target instead of more than 30 small ones! Just tap the cluster containing the letter you want, and then tap the letter in the enlarged cluster. There’s no double-tapping, no essential swiping, and no learning required.

    Planning your session schedule? Join John and Ann Crick for their presentations Clicker Apps - Reading, Writing, and Communication on Thursday, January 29th from 2:20 - 3:20 PM in the Curacao 3 room, and Develop Writing with Clicker on Friday, January 30th from 11:00 - 11:20 AM in the Product Demo Center.

  • Protecting your Purchases

    Schools and other educational organizations are extremely busy places to work, with lots going on!

    Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to software products going missing. While most organizations have procedures in place to try to mitigate this, it remains inevitable that some products become lost over time.

    There are many ways a product can go missing. Staff members may take it from storage and forget to return it. It may be lost when migrating to a new building or to the IT Department. In rare circumstances, it can be stolen, or even destroyed in a fire!

    Losing something you have invested time and money in is an awful situation to be in. Most of the time, the only option available to you is to purchase the product again.

    To protect our customers from this, we created a system to safeguard their purchases.

    When you receive Clicker 6 or WriteOnline, you are prompted to register your serial number. This is explained in the installation instructions, during the installation itself, and is also printed on the back of your DVD holder, below the serial number sticker. Don't worry, it's a very quick process!

    Once your serial number is registered to your organization, we can locate it and provide it upon request, free of charge. As Clicker 6 and WriteOnline can be downloaded from our website, this means you are always able to use your products, no matter what happens.

    To register your Clicker 6 or WriteOnline serial number, please visit:

  • LearningGrids and Science

    Looking for great resources to support your elementary science curriculum? Make sure you check out the LearningGrids website for a host of new Science resources for Clicker and Clicker Apps to help support teaching and learning in your classroom.

    Topics covered include Plants, Materials, Forces, Magnetism, Circulation, States of Matter… and many more! Activities range from simple sorting to open-ended speaking tasks and demonstrating scientific knowledge.


    The resources include Clicker classics like sentence building, reading books, and word banks. You’ll also find some great new activity ideas such as picture prompt discussion resources, charts, and investigation writing frames, all designed to help get your students thinking and learning scientifically.

    As the new year begins, we’ll be working hard to continue bringing you more fantastic classroom resources, focusing on curriculum coverage as well as seasonal themes, across the age ranges, so keep checking the website regularly!