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  • Early Learners and Clicker Apps

    This fall we have been busy adding to our ever-expanding bank of LearningGrids resources for Clicker Apps.  Many of the recent sets have been designed to support early learners, by providing access to curriculum content as well as developing their reading and writing skills.

    Clicker Books activities, such as Food Likes and Dislikes – Read and Vegetables – Read, reinforce common sentence structures through repetition and help students learn to recognize everyday vocabulary. The recording feature integrated in the books allows students to easily practice their reading to improve fluency. Colors – Talk, a Clicker Books activity without any text, is designed for students to record information about different colored objects in order to demonstrate their understanding of colors and to develop their speaking skills.

    Emergent writers can transfer their color knowledge to a simple sentence building activity using Colors in Clicker Sentences. Other new Clicker Sentences sets cover a range of topics including the Months of the Year, Seasons, and Numbers to Ten.  

    Clicker Connect activities help early learners become more independent writers as well as practice literacy skills. With the new set Rhyming Sentences, students experiment with rhyming words within simple sentence structures.  At the Park and At the Farm introduce students to recounts and focus on the use of time transition words.

    Be sure to visit LearningGrids to find a lot more resources to support your early learners!

  • Using the New SuperKeys Keyboard in iOS 8

    In September, Apple released a major software upgrade for iPads and iPhones, named iOS 8.

    This introduced a new feature: the ability to use third-party keyboards. Previously, only Apple’s own keyboard could be used.

    We saw this as a great opportunity to release our own, uniquely designed keyboard.

    SuperKeys is useful for people who have trouble tapping smaller-sized keys with precision. The standard keyboard layout is divided into groups of keys, named clusters. When a user taps a cluster, the keys within it expand to fill the keyboard area. This offers larger targets for users to tap. After tapping a key, the expanded cluster shrinks back, so the user can type their next character.

    Before using SuperKeys, update your device to the latest version of iOS 8. Originally, iOS 8 had a bug that stopped third-party keyboards from appearing, but Apple fixed it in subsequent updates.

    To update your device:

    1. Open your device's Settings app
    2. On the left, tap General
    3. On the right, tap Software Update

    To start using SuperKeys, you must first add it to your Keyboards list. To learn how, read this support article:

    Previously, a bug in Microsoft Word for iPhone stopped third-party keyboards from appearing in landscape orientation, but Microsoft fixed it in a subsequent app update. Therefore, if you experience this issue, ensure your app is updated.

    If you experience an issue using SuperKeys, please contact Support with a description. If you call us, please have your device with you so we can discuss the issue. If possible, please email us screenshots of it in action:


    US Phone: 203 221 2697 - (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm EST)

  • SuperKeys Accessible Keyboard

    Some children find it difficult to type into the iPad - even the simplified keyboards in the Clicker Apps may not be accessible for those with physical challenges.  Previously, the only alternative was to use switch access, but now SuperKeys offers an alternative that is faster, more child-friendly, and easier to use.

    SuperKeys example

    SuperKeys provides big keys, while maintaining a standard qwerty layout that does not require scanning or switches.  By grouping the keys into clusters of six or seven keys, SuperKeys provides fast keyboard access with no more than seven large keys to choose from.

    SuperKeys is now included as an option within Clicker Connect and Clicker Docs. Children with access difficulties can now access both the keyboard and Clicker Grids by first selecting a cluster, and then selecting the key or cell they want.

    You’ll find the SuperKeys option in the Clicker Connect and Clicker Docs Accessibility menu – if it’s not there, download the latest update from the App Store.

    SuperKeys for All Apps

    SuperKeys is now available as a standalone keyboard that works with any iPad app.  It also works on the iPhone, offering access for the many people who find the keys on a phone keyboard too small.  It also provides one-touch access to commonly used words and phrases – great for sending text messages!

    SuperKeys example

  • Bett Awards 2015 – Finalists!

    We are excited to announce that we are once again Bett Awards finalists!

    Considered by many as the most esteemed accolade in the industry, the awards highlight the most creative and innovative educational technology solutions available to today’s teachers and learners.

    The latest additions to our range of Clicker Apps for iPad have both been recognized; Clicker Books has been shortlisted in the ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions category, and Clicker Connect is in contention for the Educational Apps award.

    The winners will be announced during the Bett Show, which is being held at ExCeL London from January 21 to 24, 2015. We’ll be showcasing the apps along with our other literacy support products at Stand D210, but if you can’t wait until then, visit our website for Clicker Apps videos, reviews, success stories, and much more!

  • One of the Quick Grid Wizards available to use in Clicker 6 enables you to create picture banks in seconds. But did you know that with one click of the mouse you can instantly add the picture names to the cells as well, creating a word bank with pictures in a flash?

    Once your pictures have been entered into the wizard, simply check the Show picture names box on the right hand side to add the text to the cells. If any of your pictures are named incorrectly you can alter the text by double clicking on it in the wizard, and entering the correct text in its place.

    Picture Bank Wizard

    Before the picture bank is created you can also choose the font that the text is displayed in, and alter the background colors, simply by clicking the More Options button at the bottom of the wizard.

    Picture Bank example