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  • Special Apps, Special Kids – Clicker Sentences Review

    We have a new Clicker Sentences Review in the Crick Apps Reviews section of our website that was posted on the website, Special Apps, Special Kids. Amy Taylor, an SLP who is also a mother of 2 children with special needs, started this site to review and share apps that she has found helpful for her students and her own children.  The review goes into great detail, covering the features of the app along with what the reviewer personally likes about it.

    “Clicker Sentences is User Friendly!  I love how there is a built-in tutorial, as well as a set of ready-to-use examples to refer to when you are first exploring the app.  The interface is very easy to navigate as well- the screens are uncluttered, and there are easy-to-understand icons indicating where to access features.”

    You can read the review in full on our website.

    We’d love to hear how you are using Clicker Sentences with your students. Let us know or add a review to the app store today!

  • Clicker Books Examples

    Within Clicker Books, we have included examples to show a range of possible activities - you will see Read, Talk, Write, and Illustrate versions.


    We have created books for a range of reading stages, including simple books with captions, books with simple sentences, and books with informational text for younger and more advanced readers. Children can listen to the text and can track each word as it is highlighted, or read and record it for themselves.

    Any of the books can be edited, so you can, for example, simplify the text if that will suit your students – the new text will automatically be read with no extra set up.

    Children listen to the text or record themselves.


    These activities are designed for children to make their own oral report or presentation.

    Children respond at a range of different levels - for example in the Animals of the Savannah activity they may record a sentence such as This is a giraffe, or they may use the information from the reading book to create a detailed report.

    Children record their information to create an oral report.


    As they write their own text, children use the keyboard and are offered the full range of Clicker support, including word prediction, vocabulary grids, and speech feedback.

    The level of support can be modified to the needs of the children - in the examples, we have included sentence building grids to show how early writers can be given all the words they need, and word bank grids to support writers using the keyboard.

    Children can also record their voice and can add or change the illustrations.



    Children are offered writing grids at a range of levels.


    Children can add illustrations to any of their books – they can take a photo, paint a picture, browse, or add a picture from a picture bank.

    There are examples that show how children demonstrate their understanding of the text by adding an appropriate picture.

    Children add their own illustrations.


    In addition to the examples, find more ready made activities on LearningGrids, our growing library of resources accessible from within the app.

  • Clicker Apps

    Since we launched the first Clicker Apps in January 2013, many long-term users of our desktop software have begun to experience Clicker on a new platform.

    A typical app has a primary purpose that is central to its design. Once this core functionality operates well, any additional functionality is included secondly, provided it does not distort the app's main purpose. An app has a neat, unobtrusive, and intuitive user interface. Most apps make it easy for users to share content.

    To ensure we stuck to this principle of doing one thing really well,  we couldn't just "convert" Clicker 6 from the desktop to the iPad®. Therefore, we distilled the concept of Clicker and developed apps based on several of its key features. For example, the Clicker Sentences app functions in a similar way to the Sentence Building wizard in Clicker 6. Each Clicker App is designed in line with Apple guidelines, but still incorporates familiar elements and ideas that make it uniquely Clicker!

    Two common questions from Clicker 5/6 users who are new to the Clicker Apps are: "How do I save?" and "How do I close files?"

    Like many apps, the Clicker Apps automatically save changes as they are made. Additionally, files are automatically closed when a new one is created or opened. This is convenient and ensures that the user interface does not contain unnecessary icons or buttons.

    A final tip: if you cannot hear the speech feedback when using the Clicker Apps, your iPad is probably muted via the side switch. This doesn't mute all sound on the iPad but it does affect Text-to-Speech technology.

  • Closing The Gap

    This week, we will be at one of our favorite events on the calendar – Closing The Gap (CTG), in Minneapolis, MN.

    It is probably the best known Assistive Technology conference in the US, and has been running for over 30 years.  To quote from the conference webpage: “The conference builds on a tradition of providing a comprehensive examination of the most current uses of technology by persons with disabilities and the professionals who work with them”.

    We love the opportunity to share our software and apps with AT professionals from all over North America, and to find out more about the ways in which they support students across the ability spectrum. Many of the visitors to our booth are ‘power users’ with Crick Software products, so it is also a great place to challenge and expand our personal product knowledge!

    If you happen to be attending CTG this week, you can come and see us during the exhibit hall hours at Booth 312, and you may also like to catch John and Ann Crick’s presentation on Clicker Apps, designed to give learners access to proven literacy support tools developed specifically for the iPad®.

  • NEW - Clicker Books App

    We are very excited to announce the release of the latest app in the Clicker Family – Clicker Books!  It’s an incredibly child-friendly book-making app, and it includes key Clicker support features to help students of all abilities create fabulous books.

    Students choose a simple tiled layout or customize the page as they want. They add pictures from the iPad Gallery, directly from the camera, or with the integrated painting tools.

    While they write, the talking predictor and spellchecker are available, and text is read back so they can review their work. Children may also record their own voice to really personalize the book.

    It’s easy for teachers to create customized reading books too, and you can even create pre-prepared books for students to complete - these may contain word or picture banks to help students write about particular topics.

    Clicker Books screenshots

    As with all our apps, Clicker Books comes with a free subscription to LearningGrids, where there are lots of ready-made resources waiting to be downloaded.

    This is a really exciting addition to the Clicker Apps family!