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  • Clicker Books on LearningGrids

    One of the great things about being a Clicker 7 user is having access to hundreds of ready-made resources. All professionally-made and designed to support elementary learners of all abilities, our resources are updated regularly and can be downloaded FREE on our LearningGrids site. We carefully design our Clicker sets to fit in with your curriculum themes, so you get instant, ready-to-use resources. And if you’re feeling inspired, all of our resources can be personalized – they are incredibly easy to edit, enabling you to tailor activities to your exact requirements.

    In a series of blogposts over the next few months, we will be exploring different types of resources we have on LearningGrids, and taking a look at some examples to help you see just how these might support you and your students in your classroom.

    Clicker Books are a great way of engaging children of all ages, combining captivating illustrations with lively or informative text. Students can read, listen to, or even make their own versions of a range of different books, covering an array of both fiction and nonfiction topics and themes. Take a look at some of the examples below … we’re sure you will find something you and you’re children will love!



    A Trip to the Park - Read a Book

    A Perfect Pet - Read a Book

    Rosie's Busy Day - Read

    Information/Nonfiction Topics – Science, History, Geography … and more!


    Parts of a Tree - Read a Book

    Animal Growth - Read a Book

    Owl Life Cycle - Read


    Old and New Toys - Read a Book

    Coastal Landforms - Read a Book

    Symbols of Ancient Egypt - Read a Book


    Brazil - Read a Book

    Weather - Read a Book

    The Ancient Olympics - Read a Book

    Make a Book – create written or spoken (text-free) versions of our reading books


    Toys and Materials - Make a Book One

    A Perfect Pet - Make a Book

    Animals in Their Habitats - Make a Book One

    As you can probably tell, there are far too many to show you them all … so why not get over to LearningGrids and discover all these and more for yourself! We hope this quick snapshot has inspired you to explore these fantastic resources further!

    And don’t forget, our Clicker Books are often complemented by Sentence, Connect, Talk, and Matching Sets, as well as Word Banks and Clicker Boards. Keep an eye out for future blog posts where we’ll be taking a closer look at each of these activity types.

  • Managing Your Clicker App Subscriptions

    We are pleased to announce a new Subscription Management website for Clicker Apps for Chromebook customers. This enables customers to view information about their subscriptions and control which people have access to them.

    To get started, visit and sign in with your Google Account.

    To use the website, you must be a Subscription Manager for your organization’s subscriptions. If you’re not, the Manage tab won’t appear after signing in.

    If you have an individual subscription, you are automatically the Subscription Manager.

    Active Subscriptions

    This section displays information about your current and upcoming subscriptions (including evaluations) for each Clicker App.

    If you have a subscription that applies to a specific number of users, you can control which users have access to it by clicking Manage Users.


    To add users to the subscription, you can:

    • Type or copy/paste their email addresses into the Add User box.
    • Have a user launch the Clicker App while signed into their Chromebook and enter the Enrollment Code.

    To remove users from the subscription, click their Remove button in the list.

    If you want to prevent removed users from enrolling again, click Change Enrollment Code.

    Expired Subscriptions

    This section lists the Start and End Dates of any previous subscriptions (including evaluations) that have expired.

    Subscription Managers

    This section lists the people that have permission to manage your organization’s subscriptions.

  • Talking to schools recently, it’s obvious that there is an increasing mixture of student devices now being used in classrooms.

    Technology can be very engaging for students and, when used effectively, can have a big impact on their learning.

    This is particularly so for students who, for a variety of reasons, may be struggling to write.

    Schools who have a range of devices are very pleased to learn that Clicker 7 and our apps for iPad and Chromebook all work in the same way, and documents and resources can easily be shared between them. Plus, all platforms have access to LearningGrids, our website for free resources!

    I illustrated how this works for a school recently using the Clicker Board diagram below.


    In the classroom, the teacher can use Clicker Board to both present to, and gather ideas from, the class. When it is time to do some writing, a Word Bank can easily be created from the Clicker Board that the class has helped to create.

    The Word Bank could then be distributed and used as required:

    • In the classroom by individual students on laptops, iPads, or Chromebooks

    • In the computer lab where all students can access Clicker’s writing support

    • In the resource room where Clicker 7 can be fully personalized for individual students

    • At home to help with homework tasks (home user access is included if the school has an Unlimited OneSchool License of Clicker 7 or a site license of either Chromebook App)

    This means that students get consistent support, such as talking word prediction and spell checking, regardless of where they are working.

    No matter if they completed their work in Clicker 7 on a computer, or with Clicker Apps on an iPad or a Chromebook, the file format of the document will be the same and so it can easily be read by the teacher.

    So you can decide which students will benefit most from Clicker and where it is best for them to use it. You can then make it available on the most appropriate device, whether that is a computer, an iPad, or a Chromebook.

    In these examples a mixture of Clicker 7 and Clicker Apps for iPad and Chromebook is envisioned.

  • Clicker Communicator Success Story

    We’ve just published a fantastic new Clicker Communicator success story!

    Nicola Saadati is a Speech and Language Therapist at Bridge College, a specialist college for 16-25 year olds with learning difficulties and disabilities, complex needs, communication disorders, and autism.

    Nicola had been looking for a new communication aid to support one of her students, an 18 year old with cerebral palsy. She wanted something motivating, easy to program, with a specific literacy support element – so she chose Clicker Communicator.

    “One of the key benefits I’ve noticed since he started using Communicator is how quickly and easily he can react to new scenarios and conversations as they happen, just adding in new vocab ‘on the fly’.

    Clicker Communicator is really helping him to develop his literacy skills in particular – he’s started to produce longer sentences, is trying to spell more difficult words like ‘excited’, is using more complex vocabulary, and incorporates more punctuation. His writing speed is increasing too.

    From my perspective, the app has saved me hours of preparation time – it’s so easy to use and to program. It’s also given me real peace of mind when the student is out doing his work experience; I’m confident he will be able to spontaneously communicate and chat when put on the spot with a new person or scenario outside of the college.

    I’m so glad we found Clicker Communicator – it’s a fantastic communication tool for educational settings like ours.”

    You can read Nicola’s success story in full on our website.

  • Clicker Chrome Apps

    At the beginning of January, Crick Software released our highly anticipated Clicker Apps for the Chromebook. We currently have Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs available and Clicker Connect will be ready in March. We also recently expanded our licensing options for these apps:

    1.  The first licensing option is the Site License which enables every Chromebook in one building to have access to the apps. This license is $500, is a yearly subscription, and is an excellent value! If you have 10 or more Chromebooks on your domain then this is the most cost effective way of getting our apps.
    2. The second option is the Student Support License. This license allows districts to use the app they purchase throughout the entire district. Starting at 100 licenses of an app, districts can build up and distribute these licenses as needed. Other highlights of this license are that it originates from a single code, and it will work with any Google log in. Customers manage this license themselves - the site manager can remove a user from the list, free up a license, view all users, and expand it at any time. Contact us for more information on creating your custom quote for users throughout your district!
    3. The last licensing option is the Single User License. Customers have been asking for a single download, particularly for evaluation purposes, and can now purchase access for a single user for either of the apps. The cost is $50 per app per year. 

    Let us know if you’d like to know more about any of these license options – we’re happy to show you the apps and talk about the best option for you.

  • Ask and Answer

    On LearningGrids, we have recently published the Custom Clicker Set, Ask and Answer. This set is a content-free template and has been designed for students and teachers to easily create question-and-answer activities on any topic. 


    To use the set, click on Ask to go to the first recording page. On this page, you can record up to six questions by simply clicking on each of the microphone buttons. You can re-record any question as many times as you want. The final recordings will automatically transfer to the Answer page.

    Back on the Start page, click on Answer and then click on any of the question mark buttons to hear the questions. Use the microphone and speech bubble buttons to record and listen to the responses.


    The Ask and Answer set is ideal for speaking and listening tasks for a range of different contexts. The template could be used as part of a research project – students record questions they want to find out about and then record their answers after they have completed their research.  It could also be used as an oral reflection on a piece of text – the teacher or student records questions about a book or informational text. Or it could be used to explore a fictional or historical character. One student could ask the character questions and another student could answer, taking on the role of the character.

    There really are so many ways to use this set - and it is so quick and easy to customize. Shift-click the Topic cell to change the text to match the activity. You can also go into Edit View to add pictures to any of the cells – always a great way to motivate your students.


    Be sure to visit LearningGrids for many more speaking and listening activities and ideas.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

    On January 16th, the country commemorates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. We have a number of resources on LearningGrids to help your students write about his life and legacy. The Connect Set provides words and phrases to create sentences about King. More independent writers can access key topic vocabulary using the Word Bank in order to share their own perspective. 


    MLK Day has also become a time to focus on, and give back to, your community. To help your students think about what a community is and what they can do to improve it, we have created a variety of Clicker resources including a Sentence Set, Word Bank, and Clicker Board Set.


  • Did you know? – Clicker 7 Accessibility Tips

    Did you know you can apply a universal color scheme and font to all Clicker Sets and Documents?

    For learners with low vision, you can configure Clicker 7 so that all Clicker Sets and Documents appear the same. This doesn’t change the appearance of the files themselves, just how they look on your computer.

    To do this, open the Options ribbon tab, click Accessibility and then open the Display tab.

    To set a high-contrast color scheme, click the Color Scheme box.

    To specify your own colors, choose the Custom scheme, and then click the Background and Additional colors below to change them.

    To always use a particular font, check the Always use this font checkbox and set your desired font options below.

    Did you know you can make Clicker 7 full screen?

    To keep a learner focused on Clicker 7, you can make it full screen. This minimizes distractions and temporarily limits the ability to use other programs (on Windows).

    To make Clicker 7 full screen, open the View ribbon tab and click Full Screen. You can also press the F11 key (Mac: while holding the Command key). Depending on your keyboard, you may have to hold the Fn key as well. Press again to leave full screen.

    To always start Clicker 7 in full screen, open the Options ribbon tab and click Program Management. On the Startup tab, choose In Full Screen mode and click OK.

    Did you know you can hide tools and change their size?

    To do this, open the Options ribbon tab, choose User Preferences and then open the Look and Feel tab. This tab lists all the tools that appear in the Document ribbon tab and above grids.

    To show/hide a tool, click it.

    To make tools bigger or smaller, choose a size in the Tools and Tabs Size drop-down box.

    Click OK to apply your changes.

  • Clicker 7 – Bett Awards Finalist!

    We’re very excited to announce that Clicker 7 is a Bett Awards finalist in the 'ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – classroom aids' category.

    Considered by many as the most esteemed accolade in the industry, the awards highlight the most creative and innovative educational technology solutions available to today’s teachers and learners. Over the years, Clicker has won seven Bett Awards – we really hope that this will be number eight!

    Thank you to everyone who has shared their Clicker 7 success stories with us this year – the judges are especially keen to hear how teachers are using the shortlisted products in their classrooms.

    The winner will be announced during the Bett Show in January – we’re keeping our fingers crossed until then!

  • Winter and Christmas

    It’s that time of year again when many of us are thinking about Christmas, and the cold weather has truly settled in. Head to LearningGrids, where you’ll find lots of ideas to keep your students busy reading, writing, and talking about festive activities! 

    Check out our Getting Ready for Christmas sets. The book focuses on a group of children and their preparations for Christmas, like wrapping presents, mailing Christmas cards, and putting up decorations. The engaging pictures and simple text will help to get your students thinking and talking about their own experiences and preparations for Christmas too. They can listen to the story – and even record their own version or write their own Christmas book. Other resources linked to the story offer lots of opportunities for children to practice and develop their language skills.


    Some of your more independent writers might enjoy using our supportive Christmas word banks. We’ve got a topic tabbed word bank for those students who need a little more guidance and an alphabetic word bank for more confident writers. Both resources are great for encouraging students to use a wider and more interesting vocabulary – and, of course, you can add your own words too.

    If you’re working with older students, you might be interested in the WriteOnline word bank sets based on Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. After all, you’re never too old for Christmas!

    If the chilly weather is your focus, get your students to read and write about winter and the associated weather, traditions, and changes associated with this time of year. We have a brand new, beautifully-illustrated range of resources all about this season. For older students, there are winter-themed word banks to support their extended and descriptive writing.


    We hope you and your students enjoy what’s left of this busy semester, and have a wonderful holiday (and well-deserved rest). We will be busy planning some great new content for LearningGrids in the New Year – as usual, keep your eye on the website to see what’s new. Best wishes from us all in the Curriculum Team and at Crick.

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