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  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

    On January 16th, the country commemorates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. We have a number of resources on LearningGrids to help your students write about his life and legacy. The Connect Set provides words and phrases to create sentences about King. More independent writers can access key topic vocabulary using the Word Bank in order to share their own perspective. 


    MLK Day has also become a time to focus on, and give back to, your community. To help your students think about what a community is and what they can do to improve it, we have created a variety of Clicker resources including a Sentence Set, Word Bank, and Clicker Board Set.


  • Did you know? – Clicker 7 Accessibility Tips

    Did you know you can apply a universal color scheme and font to all Clicker Sets and Documents?

    For learners with low vision, you can configure Clicker 7 so that all Clicker Sets and Documents appear the same. This doesn’t change the appearance of the files themselves, just how they look on your computer.

    To do this, open the Options ribbon tab, click Accessibility and then open the Display tab.

    To set a high-contrast color scheme, click the Color Scheme box.

    To specify your own colors, choose the Custom scheme, and then click the Background and Additional colors below to change them.

    To always use a particular font, check the Always use this font checkbox and set your desired font options below.

    Did you know you can make Clicker 7 full screen?

    To keep a learner focused on Clicker 7, you can make it full screen. This minimizes distractions and temporarily limits the ability to use other programs (on Windows).

    To make Clicker 7 full screen, open the View ribbon tab and click Full Screen. You can also press the F11 key (Mac: while holding the Command key). Depending on your keyboard, you may have to hold the Fn key as well. Press again to leave full screen.

    To always start Clicker 7 in full screen, open the Options ribbon tab and click Program Management. On the Startup tab, choose In Full Screen mode and click OK.

    Did you know you can hide tools and change their size?

    To do this, open the Options ribbon tab, choose User Preferences and then open the Look and Feel tab. This tab lists all the tools that appear in the Document ribbon tab and above grids.

    To show/hide a tool, click it.

    To make tools bigger or smaller, choose a size in the Tools and Tabs Size drop-down box.

    Click OK to apply your changes.

  • Clicker 7 – Bett Awards Finalist!

    We’re very excited to announce that Clicker 7 is a Bett Awards finalist in the 'ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – classroom aids' category.

    Considered by many as the most esteemed accolade in the industry, the awards highlight the most creative and innovative educational technology solutions available to today’s teachers and learners. Over the years, Clicker has won seven Bett Awards – we really hope that this will be number eight!

    Thank you to everyone who has shared their Clicker 7 success stories with us this year – the judges are especially keen to hear how teachers are using the shortlisted products in their classrooms.

    The winner will be announced during the Bett Show in January – we’re keeping our fingers crossed until then!

  • Winter and Christmas

    It’s that time of year again when many of us are thinking about Christmas, and the cold weather has truly settled in. Head to LearningGrids, where you’ll find lots of ideas to keep your students busy reading, writing, and talking about festive activities! 

    Check out our Getting Ready for Christmas sets. The book focuses on a group of children and their preparations for Christmas, like wrapping presents, mailing Christmas cards, and putting up decorations. The engaging pictures and simple text will help to get your students thinking and talking about their own experiences and preparations for Christmas too. They can listen to the story – and even record their own version or write their own Christmas book. Other resources linked to the story offer lots of opportunities for children to practice and develop their language skills.


    Some of your more independent writers might enjoy using our supportive Christmas word banks. We’ve got a topic tabbed word bank for those students who need a little more guidance and an alphabetic word bank for more confident writers. Both resources are great for encouraging students to use a wider and more interesting vocabulary – and, of course, you can add your own words too.

    If you’re working with older students, you might be interested in the WriteOnline word bank sets based on Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. After all, you’re never too old for Christmas!

    If the chilly weather is your focus, get your students to read and write about winter and the associated weather, traditions, and changes associated with this time of year. We have a brand new, beautifully-illustrated range of resources all about this season. For older students, there are winter-themed word banks to support their extended and descriptive writing.


    We hope you and your students enjoy what’s left of this busy semester, and have a wonderful holiday (and well-deserved rest). We will be busy planning some great new content for LearningGrids in the New Year – as usual, keep your eye on the website to see what’s new. Best wishes from us all in the Curriculum Team and at Crick.

  • November was a busy month! It was spent traveling across the lovely state of Pennsylvania showing Clicker 7, the Clicker Apps on both iPad and Chromebook, and Clicker Communicator.

    The PaTTAN AT Expo was a huge success. PaTTAN is a traveling tradeshow. We started in Valley Forge, moved to Harrisburg, and then ended in Pittsburgh. It was an incredible way to connect with people from all over the state. 

    Clicker Communicator was the hit at PaTTAN. I enjoyed watching the expressions on people’s faces when they saw how easy it is to start using the app as soon as it’s downloaded. They could see themselves introducing students to one of the Core Vocabulary Sets provided with the app right away. One SLP spoke to me specifically about a student she could see using it throughout the day, but especially to participate more fully in his Social Studies and Science classes. Clicker Communicator really does make it very easy for users to participate more fully in the classroom.

    Many PaTTAN attendees were also Clicker 6 users. One teacher told me how she currently uses Clicker 6 extensively in her class and had come to see us to understand how we could have made it better. She was blown away by the many uses of the new planning tool, Clicker Board. She could easily see how she could use this during whole class instruction to get everyone’s ideas together before giving her class a wordbank to work with more independently. This, coupled with the new children’s voices, voice notes, and app interoperability that Clicker 7 has to offer, was more than enough to send her away ready to get a purchase order approval to upgrade!


    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Conference is for Speech and Language Pathologists and was also in PA this year. This was ASHA’s biggest year, with over 16,000 attendees. The ease in which you can edit and create Vocabulary Sets with Clicker Communicator was very well received at this conference as well.

    Overall, November was a great month. We were able to connect with new and existing customers in Pennsylvania and talk to them about what we do best: literacy, AT, and AAC.

  • Clicker Apps for Chromebook – Getting Support

    Following the recent release of our new Clicker Apps for Chromebook, the Support team has been adding new content to our website’s Support section.

    While we’re quick to respond to support requests, our Support section provides a wealth of information that you can access immediately. Not only can you find solutions to technical problems, you can also get answers to commonly asked questions, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for!

    The latest support articles are:

    1. FAQClicker Sentences / Clicker Docs: Common questions and answers.
    2. I can’t find the Clicker Apps in the Chrome Web Store - Clicker Sentences / Clicker Docs: The quickest way to locate the Clicker Apps.
    3. Installing the Clicker Apps for Chromebook - Clicker Sentences / Clicker Docs: How to install the Clicker Apps, individually or to multiple Chromebooks at once.
    4. “Domain not found” error when launching app - Clicker Sentences / Clicker Docs: Learn what this error message means and what to do next.
    5. Cannot start evaluation because “Your subscription has expired” - Clicker Sentences / Clicker Docs: Learn what this error message means and what to do next.
    6. The app doesn’t launch - Clicker Sentences /Clicker Docs: Learn what you can do to fix this problem.

    We’re keen to continue improving the Clicker Apps for Chromebook, so we sincerely welcome any feedback you may have to offer.

    If you’ve encountered a problem that isn’t covered in the Support section, or have any suggestions for future improvement, please contact Support.

  • Clicker 7 Success Story – Manor Academy

    Manor Academy is a secondary special education school in Sale, England for children with moderate learning difficulties and autism. They have been using Clicker 7 to support learners who are struggling with their reading and writing.

    Head of English, Tracey Horne, has given us some great feedback on how her students have been using Clicker 7!

    “We use Clicker a lot for class topic work. For example, when we are studying a novel, we can use Clicker to develop students’ understanding of the story in so many different ways. We are able to create sentence building sets, key word banks, story recollections, sequencing activities, character explorations…whatever best suits that student’s particular learning objectives and ability level.

    One of our favorite new tools in Clicker 7 is the Clicker Board planning area. Lots of our staff are using this across the school and in many different subjects. It’s a great way to introduce new topics and vocabulary, and a really useful document for students to refer back to. We have a lot of students that come up with great ideas, but forget them when it comes to writing them down; Clicker Board is a fantastic way to capture these!

    The students are very proud of what they are able to accomplish with Clicker 7. Many actively disliked English before, because of the reading and writing aspect of the lessons and their inevitable struggle with it. However, they are now able to achieve something independently. Every student can now participate, even those with the biggest learning challenges, albeit with a lot of support. Some simply couldn’t share their knowledge and ideas with us before in written form, now they can!

    I think what’s really key is that it’s not us recording their thoughts or doing it for them, the students are able to do it themselves, which is a real confidence booster.”

    You can read Tracey’s success story in full on our website.

  • Storyboard Templates on LearningGrids

    We have just published a range of storyboard templates on LearningGrids.

    The sets are built in Clicker Board and contain a framework for children to add their ideas using pictures, text, voice, or all three.

    They cover a range of levels, from three step plans for beginning, middle, and endings, to a story mountain template looking at the beginning, build-up, problem, resolution and ending of the story.

    When children are ready to write, open a document and use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to move between the storyboard and the document / the story and the plan.

    You will find the templates in the Language Arts/Writing/Story Writing category on LearningGrids.


  • Clicker 7 Success Story

    We have a lovely new success story to share with you from Apley Wood Primary School!

    Vice Principal Ellen Smith has been telling us all about the progress her struggling writers have been making since they started using Clicker 7:

    “We initially purchased a 40 Computer License to use with our cohort of children with special needs who need some extra help to get started with their writing; children with dyslexia, struggling spellers, and those students who can articulate their ideas very well but find it really tricky to get them down on paper.

    The children use Clicker in English, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science - the teachers are able to create differentiated learning resources for them based on their lesson content, which enable those students to access the curriculum and participate in the same way as their peers. We’ve also found Clicker’s new Word Pool feature really useful for those children who have a specific way of misspelling certain words – the fact that we can add these spellings into Clicker to ensure the word predictor suggests the correct word is making targeting spelling intervention a lot simpler.

    A big success for us has been using Clicker 7 to support the ‘Big Write’ sessions we have every week. Certain students were simply unable to access this activity, or were getting very little down. Now they are producing much more substantial pieces of work, which is having a really positive effect on their confidence and attitude to writing.”

    You can read the success story in full on our website.

  • Clicker Apps for Chrome and Closing The Gap

    Another October means another successful Closing The Gap Conference in Minnesota. This year was particularly exciting because it was the first time showing Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs for Chromebooks


    The excitement over these apps has been positively overwhelming! Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs are packaged apps, which means that they run on their own, independent of internet access. Therefore, students can use these apps offline if they need to. The apps are also integrated with Google Drive and sync with the Google Drive account once internet access is restored. This makes saving and sharing work effortless!

    We had a wonderful time at CTG and are looking forward to 2017! Couldn’t make it to CTG this year? Don’t worry, contact us and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration of the new Chromebook Clicker Apps, or any of our products.

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