Special School CPD Day

CPD Day - frequently asked questions

Who should attend?

Any special school staff with an interest in harnessing the power of technology in their school! Many delegates have opted to bring another member of staff with them to make the process of feeding back and implementing what they have learnt in school much easier – we have a special rate of £160 for two members of the same organisation.

Is this a Clicker / Crick Software Day?

This is first and foremost a CPD event, so whilst there will be a session that covers how Clicker 7 can be used to support children with special needs, a large variety of other products, ideas and strategies will be covered by the speakers. If you are specifically looking for Clicker training, please visit the training section of our website for more details.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! There isn’t a hands-on element to the day so no technology devices need to be brought unless you wish to for note-taking purposes etc. Notepads, pens, speaker notes and refreshments will all be provided.

How do I get there?

The event location has been chosen because of its excellent transport links. Click on the link below for more information:
Hilton London Euston - directions

How useful have previous delegates found our CPD events?

98% of previous attendees rated our events as very good or excellent with regards to overall quality and value for money. Here are some of the great comments they have fed back to us:

Thank you for a really interesting and informative day.

Really useful and enjoyable – so much I can take back to school!

I wish I’d brought my Head along too – such inspiring speakers
and great ideas to take back to school with me.

Fantastic event, and so good to see it wasn’t just another ‘buy it’ event! Excellent value for money.


Very informative, friendly, relaxed and what a lovely lunch!

A brilliant day’s CPD. It will open doors in our school.

When’s the next event? I’m looking forward to it already.