Helping Learners with Dyslexia

Crick Software is well established as the leader in reading and writing software for learners with dyslexia, from primary schools through to higher education.

Clicker (age 4 – 11)

Clicker is easily the most widely-used reading and writing tool in the UK for young learners with dyslexia. Its simplicity and flexibility make it highly effective across the primary age range and curriculum.

Our pupils are making great progress in their confidence to have a go, their knowledge of strategies to learn spellings and their awareness of how to go about editing their own written work.
Kim Connor, St John the Evangelist Primary School
  • Clicker provides point-and-click access to whole words and phrases, enabling dyslexic learners to concentrate on the ideas they want to write rather than on spelling every word.
  • Clicker Grids help pupils to internalise the link between how a word is represented on the page and how it sounds. The speech feedback allows learners to review and take control of their own writing.
  • Available grids include sentence building activities to help develop left to right directionality, word banks to introduce new vocabulary and writing frames to help pupils organise their ideas in a structured way.
  • Our extensive range of Clicker talking books provide unique materials that your pupils with dyslexia can use independently.  

WriteOnline (age 9 – adult)

Our award-winning online writing tool, WriteOnline, offers more support to learners with dyslexia than any other word processor.

WriteOnline is so easy for students and teachers to use, and so enabling for dyslexic pupils, that it ought to be automatically provided for every child with dyslexia.

Chris Onions, Educational Psychologist

WriteOnline can be used both at home and at school, providing students with a consistent level of support anytime, anywhere. WriteOnline has a modern, age-appropriate interface with built-in support tools including:

  • Speech feedback – Clear, British English speech encourages pupils to review what they have written.
  • Word prediction – WriteOnline's incredibly accurate Wordflow technology predicts as students type.
  • Wordbar – This talking word bank tool helps to improve vocabulary and develop structured writing.
  • WorkSpace – A mind mapping tool that enables students to organise their ideas before they write.

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