School Licensing

CD-based tools

Our main CD-based products (Clicker and DocsPlus) can be purchased for a single computer, 5 computers or 10 computers in one school, depending on your requirements (20 and 40 computer license options also available for Clicker). So, if you require 15 licenses, you would need to buy both a 5 computer and a 10 computer license. Alternatively, you can purchase a OneSchool site license, which will enable you to install the software on all existing and future computers in your school, any teacher laptops, and in the case of Clicker 7, the home computers of your pupils and teaching staff.

You will need a license for each computer you wish to install these products on. You will not be able to activate this software on more than the number of computers you have licenses for, so please ensure that you select the correct license type to meet your needs.

If you are using thin clients or virtual machines, you need a OneSchool Site License.

Other Products

Clicker curriculum resources come with a site licence, enabling you to install them on as many computers as you like (providing you have the required number of Clicker licences). Additional user licences are not available if you choose the single user license.

Home Licensing

Our main products are available for home users at discounted prices. The Clicker 7 and DocsPlus OneSchool Site Licenses allow the installation of these programs on pupil computers at home. Contact us for more details.

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