WriteOnline and Dyslexia

WriteOnline is the premier reading and writing solution that offers more support to learners with dyslexia than any other word processor.

Designed for students aged 9-adult, WriteOnline has a modern, age-appropriate interface that is easy to use, with all the support features fully integrated. WriteOnline is the only word processor that provides speech, word prediction and the unique Wordbars, all in one online package your students can use anywhere.

Predicted Words

WriteOnline's powerful word predictor helps students with dyslexia to write the words they want without having to write every letter.

It works by offering a list of likely words as you type, using a combination of the context (what you have written before) and any letters you have already typed in the current word. Even if a student starts to type a word incorrectly (eg 'Wen' for the start of 'Wednesday'), the predictor is still able to predict appropriate words. Using our SoundsLikeā„¢ technology, WriteOnline works out what the letter string sounds like and offers words beginning with a similar sound.

Students can listen to any word in the list to check it's the word they want before entering it into the word processor. The predictor is displayed either at the side of the document or at the cursor, and it works anywhere in the document.

Students with dyslexia are released from the onerous task of trying to spell each word, and are able to succeed in writing tasks that were previously beyond them.

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Build confidence with Wordbar

Wordbar is a simple yet powerful way to get students with dyslexia using new vocabulary and improve the structure of their writing. It works by providing arrays of words and phrases organized in tabs at the bottom of the screen. This provides access to thousands of words and phrases with just a few clicks. Any word can be listened to with a right mouse click, and a left click enters it into the word processor.

Word banks

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Word banks provide the support learners with dyslexia need with new or difficult words, reducing the learning curve often associated with introducing new vocabulary in different topics. The tabs are organized either alphabetically or in categories, and provide a real incentive for students to expand their vocabulary and use words they would otherwise avoid.

Writing frames

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Learners with dyslexia often find it difficult to organise their thoughts and write in a structured way. Writing frames provide the scaffolding they need to get their thoughts down in a relevant sequence. Writing frames are a well-established method of helping all students with new genres of writing, something that learners with dyslexia often find more difficult than their peers.

Wordbars for every topic

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There are hundreds of ready-to-use Wordbars provided for many curriculum areas, and it's easy to create your own, either manually by typing in the words, or automatically from a web page or document. This is a really powerful way of providing your students with the support they need in specific curriculum areas.

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Reinforce the link between spellings and sounds

Words in the predictor, the Wordbars and the spellchecker are all speech supported, helping students to internalize the link between how a word is represented on the page and how it sounds, and enabling them to check they have the right word before using it in their writing.

Any part of the word processor text can be read aloud, highlighting each word as it goes, and further reinforcing the sound and spelling of each word. This enables learners to review and take control of their own writing, encouraging self-assessment and self-correction.

WriteOnline uses a British English voice that provides crystal clear enunciation.

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Customised writing support for each individual

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Students with dyslexia all have different needs, so it's important to have the ability to customize the support you offer. In addition to creating customized Wordbars, there is a range of options set for each individual. These preferences are automatically stored online so that they are used every time the student logs in, whether they are using a computer at school or at home.

WriteOnline user preferences include settings for page colour, font and font colour, speed of speech, predictor level, automatic capitalization and many more.

Review your students' writing process

Students with dyslexia need to learn strategies to help them overcome their difficulty. WriteOnline's Document Analysis tool gives you an insight into your students' writing process by showing you information about every document they create. This includes:

Document history

Students with dyslexia may spend many hours on a writing task that they will need to complete in 45 minutes when they are taking examinations. Knowing how long a task took them will help you to target your instruction.

Corrected words

WriteOnline will provide you with a spelling log which records every word corrected using the spellchecker. This provides you with the information to really target your teaching to where it is needed, whether your students are inconsistent in their use of spelling rules or insecure in particular spelling patterns.

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Provide reading support for any document

WriteOnline makes a powerful document reader for any document. Just paste in text from any web page or document and click the 'Speak' tool. Each word is highlighted as it is read, helping to form the association between the sound of a word and its spelling.