Research - Technology to support writing

Prepared by: Sheri Lenzo, Teacher Leader for Assistive Technology, Oak Park District 97, US

A. Technology to Support Planning and Organizing

Two basic approaches to planning and organizing components of writing:


Procedural facilitation


Substantive facilitation


Pre-writing planning strategy: cognitive scaffolding tools, paper or electronic guides that cue text structures and writing process.


Teacher interaction with the student to provide context-sensitive information, directions, or modeling.



1. What to Do—Planning and Organization

  • Use planning and organization technology (electronic outline and organizer tools) as an adjunct to, or in tandem with, process-based instruction in writing to improve prewriting, planning, and organization.
  • Match a student’s strengths and weaknesses with tools by their planning and organization features and applications.
  • Use electronic outlining tools and draft templates, especially those that are genre-specific and contain embedded content prompts and procedure cues.
  • Directly instruct students in how to use tools and how to apply tools to the writing tasks.

Recommended software - WriteOnline