Using WriteOnline in exams

A number of schools use WriteOnline to support certain students in exams, saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on scribes and enabling them to participate more independently.

The Joint Council for Qualifications has regulations in place regarding the use of technology in exams. It is vital that any assistive technology used (in this case WriteOnline) must be a candidate’s usual way of working.

If a student qualifies for word processing support:

  • The spelling and predictive text options must be disabled (unless the candidate has permission for a scribe).
  • However, in Functional Skills English (reading and writing components) the spell checker is permitted.
  • JCQ requests that a minimum 12pt font size is used.
  • The option to change the background colour may also assist some candidates.

If a student qualifies for a scribe:

  • A wider range of support options can be used. Use of both the spellchecker and word prediction is permitted.

    For more information about access arrangements and using technology in exams, visit the JCQ website.