Document Analysis

It's great to have students hand in a well-presented document, but wouldn't it be good to find out something about how the document was produced, and any difficulties the student faced while they were working on it? By giving you this information, WriteOnline helps you to target your teaching where it's needed most.

Document History

In addition to the basic statistics of the document – number of paragraphs, average sentence length, etc, the Document Analysis dialog shows you a complete history of the document, showing you when work on it was first started, the number of sessions it was worked on, and the total amount of time used (it shows the active time spent actually working).

Was the assignment done rather too quickly, or did the student actually spend too long on a sample question for which they will have limited time in an exam? Either way, you can target your teaching to help them improve.

Pasted text

It can be very tempting to paste a chunk of text from another source into an assignment – but WriteOnline will know and record this information! Of course, students can make good use of pasting too (pasting quotes, for example). Either way, you have the information and the freedom to choose the action to take.

Spelling corrections

Spellcheckers are wonderful tools, but by their very nature they conceal any spelling problems the student has. By viewing all the words where the spell checker was used, and seeing the original spellings, it's easy to identify possible patterns, so that you can plan your teaching to address specific spelling issues.