WriteOnline App

The WriteOnline App provides secondary school students with a range of age-appropriate tools to support writing across the curriculum.

Review writing with clear speech

When students punctuate a sentence in WriteOnline, their work is read back to them. Research shows that this active engagement with text encourages students to find and correct errors for themselves.

Increase writing productivity and accuracy with word prediction

The WriteOnline predictor suggests age-appropriate vocabulary based on the context of students’ writing. The predictor encourages students to use more adventurous vocabulary, consistently reinforces the correct spellings of the words they wish to write and really helps to speed up the writing productivity of learners who struggle to transfer their ideas to the page.

Provide subject-specific writing support with Wordbars

Wordbars provide tabbed vocabulary support for any subject or topic. Students simply tap a word to add it to their document. As with the document, the spellchecker  and the predictor, Wordbars are completely speech supported – use our unique Sound Shift tool to listen to a word before using it. It’s incredibly easy for teachers to quickly create their own Wordbars, organised with either alphabetical tabs or topic tabs.

Hundreds of free resources at your fingertips

No time to make your own Wordbars? A professionally made, ever expanding bank of secondary-focussed  learning resources is just a tap away with our WriteOnline App. Select ‘LearningGrids’ to access a wide range of topic-specific Wordbars created by our curriculum team – new resources are added every two weeks!

Personalised support for every student

Change how the app looks and acts to meet each student’s learning needs. Available options include changing the speed and frequency at which the app speaks, customising the word predictor level and using high contrast colour schemes.

WriteOnline ‘desktop’ compatible

We understand that teachers and students will not always have access to their iPads, so we have ensured that the WriteOnline App and the WriteOnline Desktop Edition* are able to ‘talk’ to each other. This gives users the flexibility to create Wordbars on their computers and then export them to their iPads, or to open students' WriteOnline App work using the desktop edition.

*Sold separately, please click here for more details.