Widgit Symbols

The Widgit Symbol Set consists of over 10 000 colourful, simply-drawn symbols, which each illustrate a single concept.

The symbols have been designed specifically to support literacy and are used in many countries worldwide to support a variety of learners, including pupils with special needs, early learners and those who do not have English as a first language.

Widgit Symbols screenshot - happy  Widgit Symbols screenshot - run  Widgit Symbols screenshot - maximum 
 Happy  Run  Maximum


The Widgit Symbol Set is organized into clear and simple categories and sub categories, for ease of reference and location. The symbols conform to a clear schematic structure to help learners develop their vocabulary independently.

Widgit Symbols screenshot - baker  Widgit Symbols screenshot - bakers  Widgit Symbols screenshot - bakery 
 Baker  Bakers  Bakery


The vocabulary illustrated by Widgit Symbols covers an extensive range of topics, including a wide range of curriculum areas such as Science and Maths.

Widgit symbols screenshot - acute angle  Widgit Symbols screenshot - periodic table  Widgit Symbols screenshot - attract 
 Acute Angle  Periodic Table  Attract


By adding Widgit Symbols to Clicker activities, you can offer a ‘helping hand’ to pupils who may struggle with text, by providing a visual representation of all the concepts illustrated by the words within text in the form of a ‘symbol language’.  This visual aid, along with the aural support provided by the synthesised speech feature, provides valuable reassurance to pupils for any words they are unsure of.

Using symbols with Clicker

Use these symbols with Clicker to support writing or to create a powerful communication aid.