Level 6: Zebra Tracks

The Level 6: Zebra Tracks CD-ROM includes four on-screen fiction books.

  • No Place Like Home
    Nick and his friends are on a school trip to Earth when an alien spaceship lands. Will the aliens attack?
  • Dragon Flight
    Rock dragons are coming to Zap City! Everyone has to leave! But Jen won't go without Quackers, and Quackers won't go at all. They are in great danger - can Quackers save the day?
  • About Time
    What is the strange animal on the photo at the museum? The children go back in time to find out. Will they change history?
  • The Cup Final
    It's the Buzz Ball Cup Final but Mr Block takes Kaz and Slig off the team. Why did he do this? Can the team still win the Cup Final?

With each book there is a range of differentiated Clicker activities.

(Requires Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 for Windows or Mac).