Level 5: Tiger Tracks

The Level 5: Tiger Tracks CD-ROM includes four on-screen fiction books.

  • The Hard Head
    The School Head is ill so a new Head Bot comes to take over. He makes new rules - lots of them. What will happen if the children don't obey all the rules?
  • A Sinking Feeling
    Libby and Brad are visitors from another planet and they are very big-headed. So when their lives are in danger, will they listen to anyone else?
  • Saving Slig
    Slig doesn't know it but he is in terrible danger. Lug and Glitch ask Tizz for help. But will he want to help them? And can they save Slig in time to win the Buzz Ball match?
  • Baby Face
    A lump of metal X4 is making the children get younger and younger. Their only hope is to get some metal X5 from the museum. But how can tiny babies get through a locked door into the museum?

With each book there is a range of differentiated Clicker activities.

(Requires Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 for Windows or Mac).