Level 4: Parrot Tracks

The Level 4: Parrot Tracks CD-ROM includes four on-screen fiction books.

  • Sports Day
    Slig has a plan to win all the events on Sports Day. Will he get away with it?
  • Nick's Brain
    Don't let a mind reading machine try to read your mind. You never know what might go wrong!
  • The Monster of Moon 5
    Moon 6 sounds like a lovely place to go camping... but Moon 5 isn't quite the same!
  • A Change in the Weather
    Tizz, Blop and Kaz have never seen bad weather. But a class trip to the weather office soon changes that!

With each book there is a range of differentiated Clicker activities.

(Requires Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 for Windows or Mac).