Level 3: Giraffe Tracks

The Level 3: Giraffe Tracks CD-ROM includes four on-screen fiction books.

  • The Pop Star
    Rick X is the biggest pop star in the galaxy and Vish thinks he's cool. Will she get to see him when he comes to town?
  • The School Ghost
    There's a ghost in school. Is anyone safe? Can Tizz save them all?
  • Blop and the Blob
    DANGER! Do not put Super Blob in water! The whole school is put at risk by Blop's late breakfast.
  • The Big, Big Egg
    Has the Duck from Zog laid an egg? What is inside the big, BIG egg?

With each book there is a range of differentiated Clicker activities.

(Requires Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 for Windows or Mac).