Trackers - Success Story

Worcestershire Children’s Services

Victoria Crivelli

Learning Support Team

These popular books have been made even more enticing to reluctant and low ability readers now that all the fiction books are available in interactive format in Clicker.

The software provides excellent digital speech support with each text, complete with talking speech bubbles as well as the delightful illustrations.

The interactive books are reassuringly identical to the paper copies. The main text is highlighted as it is spoken to assist eye tracking.

The  onscreen activities to support the text are the real bonus to both pupils and teachers and have been thoroughly designed with a variety of activities in differentiated levels to support word, sentence and text level activities with the added  wealth of writing opportunities . Linking writing activities to reading opportunities is the perfect solution to ensuring a balanced approach to Literacy tasks.

These  writing activities include being able to write your own, or collaborative, version of the story, using the same book format on screen but with helpful Clicker pop up  grids to support the descriptions of characters and settings.

Pupils have loved this visual literacy element and the support available to them, enabling success and independence in a risk taking environment, something not often experienced when they struggle with most writing activities.

Some of the activities to support the character information have been equally popular and have not only promoted exciting pieces of writing but great discussion too.

The difference in pupils’ attitude to reading (especially the boys), motivation to have a go and increase in their self esteem are the most rewarding and positive outcomes. Trackers for Clicker allows that all important opportunity for individuals to rehearse the text at a pace to suit their needs, be independent but fully supported and carry out activities they are keen to try. Trackers offers even more success stories, in both senses, for all Clicker users.