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Trackers for Clicker is a joint Crick Software and Oxford University Press publication for children aged 7+ who have a reading age of 5+.

The series is based on the outstanding fiction books from Oxford's Trackers structured reading series. It is particularly suitable for struggling readers, reluctant readers, and for English Language Learners.

Motivate struggling readers with age appropriate materials

Each Trackers for Clicker title includes four Trackers fiction books in an exciting, interactive on-screen format, plus a range of connected reading and writing activities. The stories provide struggling upper primary pupils with highly engaging reading material at a level they can cope with. The twenty-eight books are divided into seven carefully graded levels to ensure progression and maintain motivation.

Develop key reading skills

Trackers teaches more of the key reading skills than any other special needs course, providing extensive opportunities for consolidation. It combines the approaches of high-frequency words, phonics, syntax and semantics, whilst complementing and extending the Additional Literacy Support and Further Literacy Support initiatives.

Extend comprehension and writing skills through differentiated activities

Alongside each story there is a range of Clicker activities, all based on specific literacy objectives. At word level, activities include practising high-frequency word recognition and phonic word building. Sentence level activities develop confidence in using the 'tricky words' from the story, whilst text level activities include extended writing supported by Clicker Grids. In addition, a range of comprehension activities cover both retrieval and inferential questions.

Use on Windows or Mac computers

Trackers for Clicker works on all modern Windows and Mac computers with Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 installed.
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