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Professor Susan Shandor

University of North Carolina, Asheville


I am a French instructor for primary students in North Carolina in the United States. I have been teaching for over 25 years. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not value the study of languages as does the British school system. I have spent countless dollars of my own money purchasing French books and materials that promise effectiveness and fun while learning... very few have been true to their word. I finally gave up and starting making my own materials.

One glorious day, I happened to find Clicker on the Internet. Eureka... after years of lugging around homemade materials from classroom to classroom (French teachers here do not have their own classroom and have to travel), I found everything I needed in one transportable computer program. I told my husband (also a teacher) I wanted this... no matter what it cost. I quickly learned to use Clicker with a French voice engine and my young students marvelled at their ability to imitate and visualise their lessons. I saw lukewarm accents become perfected. One day, a prospective student and her French family were visiting our school. When the principal walked by my class, the French mother commented: "Oh wonderful, you already have other French children here!" That is how much their accents had improved with Clicker.

Clicker and MFL French are by far the most useful series of primary French materials I have ever used.

Just when I thought it could not get any better, Clicker MFL: French came along. I was having a particularly difficult summer; the time when I normally plan my lessons and my time for planning was very limited. I ordered Clicker MFL: French CD 1 and French Stories and my work was done for me. I truly was amazed and knew that a teacher must have made this program... introduction of vocabulary, words into sentences, and then sentences into stories. PERFECTION! The MFL French is so comprehensible that I started my first year French six-year-old students on lesson one - La Famille, with the intention that they would need a month or more to complete the series (we meet twice a week). However, they completed it in only two weeks and had a full comprehension of the material and how to interchange words to make their own stories.

In conclusion, I called Crick Software and immediately placed my order for French CD 2. Clicker and MFL French are by far the most useful series of primary French materials I have ever used. I only hope they continue to produce more MFL series because I will be purchasing them all. Thank you Crick Software for making my job as a teacher easier and learning more effective for my students!