Powered by Clicker Success Stories

Rama Bardolia

Rama has been using Clicker and New to English with children who are "new arrivals" in years 3 and 5.

"There are lots of opportunities for the children to work at their own pace, self-correctling in a non-threatening way"

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Rita Gist

Rita currently has Clicker and New to English, as well as other resources, on her laptop. She takes this into the schools to demonstrate to staff who have requested support for newly arrived EAL learners.

"The materials appeal to all age groups and are being used with pupils from Year 3 through to Year 8. The design of the software is such that there is a motivation for the individuals to learn and the children’s success in completing activities has certainly raised their self esteem."

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Moira Turton 

Moira has been using Clicker French in regular whole-class sessions with some of her Key Stage 3 and 4 students. All of the students have special needs and approximately a third are autistic.

"All in all, using Clicker French has been a superb learning experience for everyone, and I am really looking forward to working with it even more in the coming academic year."

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Professor Susan Shandor 

Susan is a French instructor for primary students in North Carolina in the United States.

"Just when I thought it could not get any better, Clicker MFL: French came along. I was having a particularly difficult summer; the time when I normally plan my lessons and my time for planning was very limited. I ordered Clicker MFL: French CD 1 and French Stories and my work was done for me. I truly was amazed and knew that a teacher must have made this program... introduction of vocabulary, words into sentences, and then sentences into stories. PERFECTION!"

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Cheddar Grove Primary School

Myriam Sabia 

Myriam has been using Clicker French CD 1 with pupils in Years 1, 2 and 3 for the last two terms, and has found it to be a really useful resource..

"The native voice is very clear and appropriate for all the exercises. The screens are clutter-free, containing only the tools that you need to complete the activities, which I think works really well as it helps the children to focus their attention on the task at hand rather than getting distracted by a busy board."

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Explore Learning Tuition Centres 

Carey Ann highlights the impact that Clicker Phonics is having on learner outcomes in their tuition centres..

"Clicker Phonics is the perfect solution for supporting the phonics development of the varied individuals we work with...I love that we can have all our children using the same program, but all working at the different levels appropriate to them and their needs."

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Silverdale Primary School

Hillshot Infant and Nursery School 

Liz and Sharon are using Clicker Phonics across the school, and experiencing great results.

“What we are really impressed by is the depth and breadth of the resource…we have seen a number of phonics programs which focus on writing, but none that are really emphasising the key skills that the children need in order to form those grapheme-phoneme links and the abilities to blend and segment.”

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Wellfield Infant and Nursery School

West Oaks SEN Specialist School and College 

The staff at West Oaks have partnered up with Primrose Lane Primary School to provide this success story.

“There is such a great range of activities throughout the series, catering for our early learners to our more able pupils, who are still presented with challenging tasks. They are so well presented, with lovely colours and characters.”

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Moulton Primary School

Chris Peak - Adaptive Technology Specialist 

Chris highlights the impact that Clicker Tales is having on one particular student’s learning success.

“The Clicker Tales activities along with other titles in the "Powered by Clicker" series have become integral to Sam's learning in the classroom and also in her home life. Instead of having a story read to her by her parents, she is now able to read to them! This is fantastic and a real achievement for Sam.”

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Bryan Plumb interviews teachers who are using Clicker Tales to support their learners, and gives the software a try himself!

“Clicker Tales allows the main teaching to be done in the classroom with an interactive whiteboard, but then encourages pupils to work independently on their own computers, at their own pace. Due to the level of complexity that a teacher can go into, each pupil may be undertaking the same task, but in a way that suits their learning style and ability…”

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Wilbury Primary School

Nicola Smith – Primary ICT Advisor 

Nicola shares her thoughts on the Oxford Reading Tree for Clicker series.

“There are a variety of books within each level to support, encourage and enthuse children to read and write, and the range of levels means the books can be used to support readers and writers of differing abilities – to extend the more able using the tools to retell and write the stories in their own words or to support lower ability by using the content based activities to practise vocabulary and unknown words.”

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Worcestershire Children’s Services 

Victoria Crivelli shares her thoughts on the Trackers for Clicker series.

“These popular books have been made even more enticing to reluctant and low ability readers now that all the fiction books are available in interactive format in Clicker… the difference in pupils’ attitude to reading (especially the boys), motivation to have a go and increase in their self-esteem are the most rewarding and positive outcomes.”

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Hollyfield Primary School

Mountfields Lodge Primary School 

Ros Henshaw used Trackers with a sample of 20 of her Year 3-6 pupils, and received some fantastic feedback.

“I like it because I do not have to wait for an adult to help me.”
“I usually find questions hard to do in class. But I could remember these stories easily, so it was easy to answer the questions.”
“It makes me feel I can do something good.”

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