Clicker MFL: Spanish Stories CD Comprehension Activities

The comprehension activities focus on the overall story. Children continue to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through these challenging activities, designed to enable children to show understanding as they work with longer pieces of text.

Cuenta el cuento (Tell the story) 


Escucha y lee (Listen and read) 


In this activity, children are given the opportunity to speak and perform in Spanish by retelling the story. They use picture prompts and listen to statements to support them as they retell each section.  


In this activity, children listen carefully to the sentences from the story and demonstrate their understanding through sentence matching and writing exercises.  

¿Te acuerdas? (Do you remember?) 


¿Verdadero o falso? (True or false?) 


In this activity, children show their understanding of the story by answering questions about the characters. They can also write answers to the questions. 


In this activity, children read statements based on the story and decide if they are true or false. They can refer to a text extract for support. 

¿Quién soy? (Who am I?) 


In this activity, children match statements summarizing information from the stories to the character they relate to.