Clicker MFL: Spanish Stories CD Character Activities

The character activities introduce the characters from the story, and build upon children’s familiarity with their English counterparts to help them use adjectives and verbs, and write and record simple sentences about them.

Los personajes (The characters)


Sé los nombres (I know the names) 


In this activity, children learn to read the names of the characters in the story and then record themselves pronouncing them.  


In this activity, children create an on-screen book in which they select character pictures and write basic sentences linking the starter Este es or Esta es (This is m/f) and the character name. 

Describe a los personajes (Describe the characters) 


Encuentra el verbo (Find the verb) 


In this activity, children write and record simple character profiles by focusing on adjectives used in the story. 


In this activity, children identify verbs within sentences, then recreate and record these sentences to cement their learning.