Clicker MFL: Spanish CD 2 Red Activities

The red activities focus on core vocabulary for each unit. Children are introduced to the vocabulary and given the opportunity to practise speaking, reading and writing the core words and phrases.

Las palabras (Words)  


Busca la imagen (Find the picture) 


This activity introduces children to the new vocabulary of the topic. Explore the pictures and click on the hotspots. When a hotspot is clicked, the name of the object is spoken and a close up of the object and its name is shown. 


Children listen to each of the core words in turn and then identify them by matching pictures and sounds. This enhances their understanding of the links between objects and the Spanish language. 

¿Qué es?* (What is it?) 


Lee las palabras (Read the words) 


In this listening and speaking activity, children identify each hidden picture and then record their answer to the question asked. Children record as often as they like until satisfied.

*The title changes depending on the activity topic 


In this activity children demonstrate their word recognition skills and record themselves reading each of the core words.


Escribe las palabras (Write the words) 


Las tarjetas (Flashcards) 


This activity is a labelling activity in which children use the pop-up grids to label the objects in the picture with the correct core word.  


This activity uses on-screen flash cards to enable children to practise their word recognition of the core vocabulary.