Clicker MFL: Spanish CD 2

As pupils become more confident in their language skills, Spanish CD 2 offers a further range of activities that build on the vocabulary and structures of CD 1.

Clicker Spanish CD 2 is divided into the following 10 units:


¡A Bordo! (All Aboard)                    
La Paga (Pocket Money)
El Deporte (Sport)
La Comida (Food)
El Reino Animal (Animal World)
¿Qué tiempo hace? (What's the Weather like?)
La Ropa (Clothes)
¿Qué Hora es? (What's the Time?)
Los Números (Numbers)
Los Días (The Days)

Over 100 activities introduce and reinforce Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure

Each unit contains a range of related activities, divided into the following categories for ease of use:

Red Activities– Introduce core vocabulary for each topic
Yellow Activities– Introduce simple sentence structures
Green Activities– Focus on reading short, simple texts, and on comprehension
Final Activities– Offer a summary for the unit

2 further activities summarize and consolidate learning

The summary activities (Habla 1 and Habla 2) offer children opportunities to speak about themselves using the language learnt through the activities.

(Requires Clicker 7 for Windows or Mac).