Clicker MFL: Spanish CD 1

CD 1 introduces pupils to everyday vocabulary and sentence structures through a range of activities that incorporate reading and writing tasks, and include listening, speaking and spoken interaction.

Clicker Spanish CD 1 is divided into the following 9 units:

Clicker Spanish CD 1 

La Familia (The Family)                    
Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday)
Los Colores (Colours)
Los Retratos (Portraits)
En el Mercado (At the Market)
Los Animales (Animals)
Las Actividades (Activities)
Los Números del 1 al 10 (Numbers 1 to 10)
Los Números del 11 al 20 (Numbers 11 to 20)  

Over 100 activities introduce and reinforce Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure

Each unit contains a range of related activities, divided into the following categories for ease of use:

Red Activities– Introduce core vocabulary for each topic
Yellow Activities– Introduce simple sentence structures
Green Activities– Focus on reading short, simple texts, and on comprehension
Final Activities– Offer a summary for the unit

2 further activities summarize and consolidate learning

The summary activities (Habla 1 and Habla 2) offer children opportunities to speak about themselves using the language learnt through the activities.

(Requires Clicker 7 for Windows or Mac).