Oxford Reading Tree - Success Story

Nicola Smith

Primary ICT adviser

The Oxford Reading Tree for Clicker on-screen illustrations are bright, fresh and inspiring and bring the books to life in a way that’s not been done before. The pages are easy to navigate and the sound options to have the text highlighted and narrated in a clear, friendly voice make them a great tool to support reading. 

Children who are familiar with the Oxford Reading Tree characters or are new to ORT will love the expressions and characters used in these illustrations.  A great feature is the way the books are able to fill the whole screen and adapt well to the range of wide and regular computer screens available – it works well as a tool to support shared and guided reading with a whole class, group or individuals on a computer or an interactive whiteboard.  Equally importantly, it links to the writing activities in Clicker format – teachers can easily use the tools in the writer to model, highlight and manipulate text from the stories.

There are a variety of books within each level to support, encourage and enthuse children to read and write, and the range of levels means the books can be used to support readers and writers of differing abilities – to extend the more able using the tools to retell and write the stories in their own words or to support lower ability by using the content based activities to practise vocabulary and unknown words.

Other benefits of Oxford Reading Tree for Clicker are the range of activities that accompany each book, which take advantage of all the benefits of Clicker as a writing tool, with pop up and word bank facilities to support the individual activities.  The range of activities to support word, sentence or text level link is good and link to NLS literacy objectives.

Another advantage is the book making facility; the ready made templates and illustrations allow pupils to easily make their own versions of the story in a professional looking book – to share on screen, web or print off.  This book making tool is easy to use and ideal as adding text, recording their own narration with the included recorder and adding pictures is so straight forward. This enables children to easily produce their own adaptations of the book.

This really is a great set of talking books.