Each CD includes all of the following activities:

Word activities

Word-level activities use words from each story. Many of these activities are phonic-based, plus there are activities about spelling and verb tenses.

Sentence activities

Sentence-level activities help children use and understand the grammar of sentences. Activities include building sentences with whole words, and filling in missing words.


Word practice activities

These activities give practice in whole-word recognition to develop sight vocabulary.

Comprehension activities

These include picture-based and word-based activities appropriate to the level of the storybook, designed to aid and demonstrate understanding of the text.


Writing activities

Children benefit from the support of Clicker Grids as they create their own pieces of writing, based on the theme of each story.

Book making activities

Using pop-up grids, children create their own versions of the books, with the freedom to add their own interpretations. They can even record their own voices on each page!