New to English Activities

New to English offers a wide range of activities
for English language learning.

With a user-friendly interface, children independently navigate through the activities,
building confidence as they work at their own pace. The activities are also very effective
when used with a group of children to encourage social interaction.

Each CD includes all of the following activities:



Find it 


This activity introduces the learner to the new vocabulary of the area they are in. When a hot-spot on the picture is clicked, the name of the object is spoken and a close up of the object and its name are shown.


This activity focuses on listening skills. Pupils listen carefully and find each picture in turn. This builds their familiarity with the objects and language. 

Listen and say 


Look and match 


This activity focuses on listening and speaking skills. Pupils look, listen and say - they record as many times as they like, using the Clicker pop-up sound recorder. 


In this activity pupils are introduced to reading words they have met. Pupils match pictures and words, and they then go on to record themselves reading each word. 



Yes or no? 


In this activity pupils are introduced to the first steps of writing the words they have met. Pupils use pop-up grids to label the picture.  


In this activity children are introduced to simple sentence structures. Pupils respond to the question "Is this a...?" with a simple 'yes' or 'no'. 

What is it? 


In this activity pupils use their new words in sentences.
Children record answers to questions
and then write an answer using a linked Clicker Grid. 

Additional Activities

These are summative activities, used when the children have learnt the significant levels of vocabulary contained in the focus area activities. The words are mixed up and are therefore met out of context, offering a greater challenge.

Quick words


What's missing  


Children practise saying and reading words they have met on the CD. 


A variation of 'Kim's Game', where the pupil speaks the name of the missing object. 



Quick talk  


After listening to an instruction, the pupil selects an object to add to a picture. 


An open-ended activity where children record and/or type a conversation. 


Listening, speaking, reading and writing activities
built around an engaging story. 

(All images taken from the New to English At School CD).