Next Steps to English - CD 3

The final Next Steps to English CD extends pupils further.

They meet more complex vocabulary, structures and concepts, related to the topics of clothes, travel, food, weather and habitats. Challenging language activities help pupils to consolidate skills and confidence in speaking, reading and writing in English. The CD also offers a supplementary ‘Quick talk’ speaking activity and two further units covering number vocabulary.



In this unit, children learn the names of some common articles of clothing and how to say what they wear. They consider clothes that are appropriate for hot and cold weather conditions.







In this unit, children are introduced to modes of transport and learn how to talk about travelling. They are introduced to a number of holiday destinations and write a simple postcard.


In this unit, children are introduced to the names of some food and drinks. They learn further expressions for likes and dislikes and consider foods that are good and bad for your health.


In this unit, children learn words and phrases about the weather. They describe the weather using the present and past tense and make a weather chart for the week.




Quick Talk


Numbers - tens and Numbers to 100

In this unit, children learn about animals from three habitats – the sea, the jungle and the savannah. They learn about where the animals live and about some of the features and characteristics of the animals.


This speaking activity offers pre-set questions based on the themes and language explored in Next Steps to English 3. Children answer the questions and in so doing prepare a spoken presentation.


In these units, children are introduced to multiples of ten and to numbers up to 100. They learn to say the numbers, and to recognise the numerals and number words in both visual and oral contexts. 

The activities for each topic unit are divided into four sections.
You can learn more about them on the activities page.