Next Steps to English - CD 2

As pupils grow in confidence, Next Steps to English CD 2 offers further vocabulary and more challenging structures, building on their learning in CD 1.

They learn through topics including the market, activities, time, money and sport. The CD also offers a supplementary ‘Quick talk’ speaking activity and two further units covering number vocabulary.



In this unit, children learn the names of fruits and vegetables. They learn to express likes and dislikes and to say what they would like to buy in a market.






Pocket money

In this unit, children learn verbs associated with a range of activities and use language to describe actions and express their preferences for, and abilities in, activities and games.


In this unit, children learn to tell the time on the hour. They read and write about activities at different times in the day.


In this unit, children are introduced to the names of toys and other items that they might buy with their pocket money. They are introduced to prices in pounds, and learn how to talk about the cost of items.




Quick Talk


Numbers 21 to 30 and Days of the week

In this unit, children are introduced to the names of sports. They learn to talk about the sports they do, and whether or not they are good at these sports. They also make a weekly record of their sporting activities.


This speaking activity offers pre-set questions based on the themes and language explored in Next Steps to English 2. Children answer the questions and in so doing prepare a spoken presentation.


In these units, children are introduced to the numbers 21 to 30 and to the days of the week. They learn to say and recognise the numbers or words and associated pictures in both visual and oral contexts.

The activities for each topic unit are divided into four sections.
You can learn more about them on the activities page.