Next Steps to English - CD 1

Next Steps to English CD 1 introduces everyday essential vocabulary and language structures based around the topics of family, birthdays, colours, the body and pets.

There is also a supplementary ‘Quick talk’ speaking activity and two further units covering number vocabulary.



In this unit, children are introduced to the names of family members. They learn how to introduce the family, to say their name in answer to a question, and to use numbers in relation to people.







In this unit, children learn the names of the months, to say how old they are and to name the date of their birthday. They are also introduced to common UK festivals and events relating to each month.


In this unit, children learn the names of colours and use them to describe objects.


In this unit, children learn the names for the main parts of the body. They learn to describe physical appearance using colours, other simple adjectives, and numbers.




Quick Talk


Numbers 1 to 10 and Numbers 11 to 20

In this unit, children learn the names of pets. They learn to talk about animals and describe their colour and features.


This speaking activity offers pre-set questions based on the themes and language explored in Next Steps to English 1. Children answer the questions and in so doing prepare a presentation about themselves.


In these units, children are introduced to numbers to 20. They learn to say the numbers, and to recognise the numerals and number words in both visual and oral contexts.

The activities for each topic unit are divided into four sections.
You can learn more about them on the activities page.