Next Steps to English

Developing English language skills

Following on from our New to English series, Next Steps to English will enable pupils learning English as an additional language to significantly extend their vocabulary and improve their communication skills.

Develop language skills at a manageable pace

On each CD children are introduced to key vocabulary and language structures, which are then reinforced through a series of engaging listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.
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Next Steps to English 1


Next Steps to English 2


Next Steps to English 3

The first CD introduces everyday essential vocabulary and language structures based around the topics of family, birthdays, colours, the body and pets.
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CD 2 offers further vocabulary and more challenging structures. Topics include the market, activities, time, money and sport.
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The final CD presents more complex vocabulary, structures and concepts, related to the topics of clothes, travel, food, weather and habitats.
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The activities

The activities for each topic unit are divided into four sections. Red Activities introduce core vocabulary,
Yellow Activities focus on simple sentence structures, Green Activities involve short reading and comprehension tasks,
and the Final Activity offers a unit summary activity.
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