Next Steps to English -
Develop language knowledge and skills

Next Steps to English builds on and extends pupils’ English language knowledge and skills, introducing new vocabulary and structures at a careful pace with lots of reinforcement. 

On each CD, children engage in a range of Clicker activities that involve active listening, speaking, reading and writing. Whilst they work, children benefit from the supportive framework of Clicker. Alongside reading simple stories they can listen to words and phrases, record their own voice, and write labels and sentences.

The combination of visual, spoken, and written support gives the learner the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities matched to their level of English language learning, helping them to develop the communication skills they need in order to use English effectively.

Speech is a particularly important aspect of Next Steps to English. English language learners are provided with valuable opportunities for speaking and listening. The real speech offers a clear language model and the pop-up sound recorder allows children to try out simple words and phrases as many times as they like, and then replay their own voice. This provides the opportunity for practising English individually and with other children in a positive, non-threatening context, offering support and encouragement to the learner.

Next Steps to English can be used by an adult working with a small group, and also for practice and consolidation by individuals. It enables learners to work at their own pace and progress independently, whilst developing their skills and confidence in a comfortable and stimulating environment.